Wednesday, June 3, 2015



Today I walked along the path that hugs the edge of our woods.  It’s a little mown trail with wild flowers and a few sneaky brambles. It’s a dividing line between  the laziness of the prairie grasses and the mysteries of the wood.


SycamoreLane Photography Nature--17


It’s May in Michigan and the promise of spring finally holds true.

A deep breath in confirms it.


SycamoreLane Photography Nature-May 2015 (1)


The scent of wet soil, sunshine and wild cherry soar straight to my head. I can feel the sunshine in my feet as it warms the earth.  I close my eyes letting the life all around me seep in.

I take it in.  Warmth radiating in waves, spring breeze saturated with scent cooling my cheeks, my toes (free in their flip-flops) tickled by grasses, bird chattering, trilling and rejoicing.


SycamoreLane Photography Nature-violet 2015


Spring is here!

God’s glory everywhere- sensory exhilaration!


SycamoreLane Photography Nature-May 2015 (4)


(May?!  It’s now June and everything around is changing into summer mode…. Oh well! LOL!)


  1. So poetic this morning. I've been thinking of you, my friend. And, I couldn't agree more. SUMMER has pretty much come on REALLY FAST this year...I mean I feel like with it being so dry here - here, of late - that it looked/felt like mid-summer already. Now that we have had some pretty good rain for the past couple of days... things are greening up again and it's looking a bit more normal. :)

    Great post. Would have loved to stroll along with you on the path that leads to the mystery of woods and all its splendor. lovely photos!!

  2. Gorgeous always, sweet friend! You are gifted with a wonderful talent. Spring and summer sprint along from one to the next in your area, don't they? Things move at a slower pace here in the west. Hugs to you! Love, Camille

  3. Spring went by quickly. Love the pretty apple blossom shot.


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