Tuesday, June 23, 2015

You Dance

You step, you twirl.  You glide and you dance. You move across the floor of life and another year floats by.


I hold you close these days.  Take every opportunity to snuggle.  I breathe in deep the scent of you, burying my face in your hair or wiggling my nose into your neck until you erupt into giggles.  I know these moments are fleeting.  Before long you won’t be sitting in my lap, asking for more snuggles.
It makes me laugh to think about it, but just a few months ago I quit picking up.  I just couldn’t let go of holding you on my hip. 

And yet you aren’t spoiled. You don’t act like a baby.  You are just completely loved and you know it!


You are my girl!  I look at you sometimes and I am astounded by your beauty.  It takes my breath away and tears jump to my eyes.  What a precious gift you are to me! 

You have a heart for Jesus and others.  Whenever you hear of someone in need you want to help.  You are willing to give of your time and money to help ease their discomfort or misfortune.  Jesus is going to use that compassion in big ways.  He has amazing plans for you!  He is going to use you to touch the lives of hundreds, even thousands.  You will use the boldness He has given you to share the love of Jesus and His magnificent gift of salvation with every one you meet.

As we journey through this ninth year together.  I am excited to see the Lord working in your life.  He loves you!  You are His daughter, His princess.  Hold your head high because you have an amazing, powerful Daddy who cares for you far beyond what you could ever think or imagine.

Lauren,  I love you!  Those three words cannot even begin to encompass the emotions that bubble within me when I say them.  You bring me such joy and laughter.  Life would not be the same without you to brighten my days.  I love to listen to you throughout the day.  When you are playing, you sing, you dialogue and your little voice fills the air with a beautiful sweetness. 

These days are precious to me, you are precious to me!

You have my heart baby girl… completely!

Momma loves you to the moon and back 100 trillion times!


  1. So precious. I met you via our blogs nearly six years ago...your Lauren was just a wee one in those days. It's amazing to see the transformation happening right before your eyes, isn't it? Hugs to your little miss from me and mine. XO

  2. Beautiful post, Jenn!! She looks like a pure natural up there on stage... My girls talk about ballet and we haven't checked into it.

    Hey -- come by my place if you find a moment to do. I have a guest post and giveaway there, that ends later this evening. I'm wondering if you've ever heard of this book (in the giveaway)? If not.. I, at least, wanted just to introduce you to it. :)

  3. Yep, started crying after that first sentence...how can our girls be so big already? You have such a beautiful way with words, Jenn.


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