Saturday, March 22, 2008

Celebrating Jesus

Yesterday we spent the day remembering what God did for us through his son Jesus. We did a couple activities to help the boys think about Jesus' sacrifice.

We started out with the traditional egg dying and we all had fun being creative. Lauren had a blast dropping the eggs from a considerable height, into the cups of dye. She ended up with a polka dot masterpiece all over her upper body. She also had to taste test each egg and sampled the dye once or twice too!

Later, after Lauren went down for a nap, the boys made a diorama of the tomb were Jesus was laid. I gave them a few ideas and a few supplies, then let them create. They made almost the whole thing out of two cereal boxes and a paper towel tube. The only things that weren't recycled materials were the tops of the trees and flowers. We had some great discussions while we worked and I hope it helped them think about what Jesus did for us. I think they did a great job!

Not the best picture of the boys, but here is the scene they created
Lauren tasting her first colored egg

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  1. I love your commitment to creativity with your kids! I'm not sure we'll be doing much. Lucas still has a pretty high fever, but once he feels better I think we'll do something fun with our plastic eggs.


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