Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For the Love of Home Schooling

It has been another lively day at our house. At this moment, Isaac, Caleb and Lauren are playing ring around the rosies in the kitchen. Lauren is laughing hilariously! She loves it when her brothers play with her. Jacob is crashing his lego spaceship into the dining room table and then building it up again. The noise level is at a crescendo! Just as quickly as they started the previous games they switch to a rousing game of hide and seek. Caleb is counting, none to slowly. Jacob slithers under the desk where I sit typing, Isaac hides behind the recliner and Lauren gives away her brothers positions. Then its giggles, pounding feet heading off down the hallway, and more counting!

Joel is at a fire department meeting tonight, so I am on my own with our precious hooligans. He has been newly appointed as a captain and tonight is an officers meeting. Plus the new fire truck they ordered just arrived, so I'm sure all the guys are inspecting every hose and switch! I'm sure I won't see the whites of his eyes for awhile! Its quite okay though, it gives me time to write out my thoughts from the past few days.

The last three days of schooling have been successful. We have been able to accomplish all of our subjects each day. Isaac and I just finished up the last of our reading and map work on the Civil War. I learned just as much as he did, I think. Jacob, has been working really hard on his school work. This is a big change from a few weeks ago, when each moment was a challenge. I'm not sure what caused the turn around, but I am extremely thankful for it. He is doing wonderful with his reading and math and I have seen big improvements since the first of the year. Caleb is a sponge learning all that I place in front of him. Kindergarten has been easy for him. I hope he will continue to have a love of learning as he grows.

Today was the first day that Lauren didn't fuss through the mornings lessons. I think toddlerhood has her in its foul grip, because life definitely hasn't been easy with her. She is so clingy and whiny, it makes for difficult teaching. I have tried many different tactics with her. Some days sitting her in her high chair with crayons and a coloring book works (it did today). Other days she just tosses the crayons or tries to eat them. I also have had to resort to having one or the other of the boys take her downstairs or into another room to play so that at least two of the boys can have a bit of peace and quiet, if only for fifteen minutes. It is hard to concentrate when your baby sister is bawling.

Even though we have our tough days of schooling, the days when things go smoothly make up for the down days. The past three days have helped me to remember why I love home schooling so much. I treasure the moments I have snuggling on the couch with my children reading a great history book or learning a new bible verse. I love to see my children playing with each other and actually enjoying each others company, like they are this evening. I adore their giggles and smiles. I cherish the hugs I receive as they tromp past me to yet another hiding spot. I'm enraptured when they so freely tell me they love me. I'm blessed to know each of my children intimately and I know I have gained this through home schooling.

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