Monday, March 17, 2008

Quiet Day

We had a quiet Monday. It was restful and much needed. Sometimes Mondays can be so crazy around here. Getting back into the schooling routine, after a busy weekend, can prove to be a little difficult for a couple of my dear children. However, for the most part we had an easy going day with a little extra fun thrown in.

On St. Patrick's Day we are always visited by a mischievous Leprechaun. He does the craziest things. He gives us green milk and a box of Lucky Charms for breakfast (not exactly nutritionally sound, but lots of fun). He leaves us notes telling us he's hidden four leaf clovers that we need to find. He scatters gold coins all around the house (gold foil covered chocolates). Makes us play silly games to win chocolate treats. You get the picture. The little guy is a bundle of excitement!

The boys get such a kick out of this. Isaac (11) has me figured out, so he played Leprechaun this year. I'm pretty sure Jacob (9) does too, but he still pretends he doesn't! Caleb (6) caught me this morning depositing a four leaf clover with a balloon surprise on the antique dresser in our living room. BUSTED! Oh well, they still had tons of fun. Caleb was really sad when the Leprechauns tricks were done; so he told me with a sad, sad look on his face. But, there's always next year. I'm sure the little Irish man will be back for more games and fun!

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  1. You are so full of creativity! What a fun thing to do!


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