Friday, March 7, 2008

Vanity, Vanity

I recently learned something new and surprising about myself, I'm not as vain as I thought I was!!! It happened the week we all came down with influenza.

Joel was in the midst of the worst of the flu, he was really feeling quite ill. So, being the helpful, willing, caring, selfless (need I go on!), wife that I am, I told him I would load the wood burner for him. We have an outdoor wood burner and I have tinkered with it some, so I figured I could handle it. Plus, Isaac and I had loaded it the night before, with what I felt like was success. So, I trudged out to do the animal chores and keep my family warm.

After feeding the animals, I was feeling pretty poorly. But, duty called so I opened the doors to the wood burner and then opened the pole barn where Joel had a stack of wood in a wagon. I preceded to find a good log that I could fit in the burner. One problem arose, I had used most of the smaller pieces the night before. So, I was left with huge honkers. I hoisted the first piece and chucked it in. It went in crooked, not good in the wood burner world. I grabbed the big metal poker and pushed and prodded it into a more proper position. All the while the flames began to roll out of the door and smoke was bellowing in huge clouds into my face. I backed out of there gasping, choking and spewing. I laid my head down on the wagon to catch my breath and ease the searing pain in my chest (the flu was not helping my abilities at this point). I went back and repeated the hauling, chucking, poking and prodding episode several more times till I got it partially full and just had to give up.

I shuffled indoors with an intense desire to collapse. However, as I entered the house I became aware that a strange odor was following me. I rushed to the bathroom, gazed into the mirror, and discovered the horrible truth. I had singed off portions of my bangs and hair around the sides of my face. Okay, I thought I can handle this. Then a moan escaped my lips and tears slid down my cheeks as I saw that my eyelashes had been reduced to half their original size. You must understand I have always received compliments on my long eyelashes and it is one feature on my face I can say I really like. I stood there a few more minutes bemoaning my loss and then out of sheer exhaustion I turned, walked to our sitting room and sank to the floor. I just didn't have the energy to care that deeply.

The next day I was talking to my friend Lori and laughingly told her the whole escapade (she has had to fill an outdoor wood burner too, so she was quite sympathetic). I thought that I would be more devastated by the loss of my wonderful eyelashes, but every time I look in the mirror instead of tears and sorrow, I feel like giggling. It really makes me laugh when I put mascara on the stubby little nubs!

Ten years ago this probably would have really upset me for some time. I have to say I am glad to report I have obviously done some growing up since then. I guess raising four children, being a wife and home school mom has put many of my ideals into perspective.

Vain, not so much!

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  1. Jen, I love you so much! Your beauty goes far beyond your eyelashes!


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