Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Little Taste of Spring

Can it be that spring is just around the corner? There is still snow on the ground here, but the sun is shining brightly. It is beautiful outside today. The sky is a gorgeous blue color and the birds are singing sweetly to one another. The boys played outside for at least an hour and a half today in just sweatshirts. I am anxious to see the spring flowers poking up in my flower gardens. The first hints of green always bring me excitement and I begin to plan feverishly for new additions to my gardens.

I have spent my day, for the most part, as usual, teaching school, doing laundry and preparing meals. However, I did get a call just after lunch from the lady who helps take care of my grandma. Grandma had fallen in the bathroom and she was unable to get up and Maribel couldn't lift her. I left Isaac in charge and went to help get grandma up. This is the first time I have had to help, usually my parents or aunt or uncle are around. But, today I was the only one available. I was just glad I was able to help. It did take all my strength and I believe some from the Lord, to get her up to her feet. She has gotten so weak over the past few weeks and she couldn't help me at all. So I was lifting dead weight. She thanked me several times for helping her. I made sure she knew I loved her and that I was always willing to help. It is hard to see her slowly slipping away. Her body seems to be slowly shutting down. Her mind is still pretty sharp though and we all enjoy spending short amounts of time with her.

I know I have been blessed to have a close relationship with my grandma. I also am glad that my boys have got to know her and love her. Their lives have been enriched by knowing her. My life has too.

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