Friday, May 16, 2008

A Letter of Love

Two years ago today God blessed me with a precious baby girl. It has been two amazing years!
Lauren you are a treasure to our family. You don't realize it yet but not only do Papa and myself love you immeasurably, but your brothers love you wholeheartedly too! You are always receiving hugs and kisses even when you don't want them! You have definitely stolen our hearts.
This past year your personality has really shone through. You are little miss independent! You enjoy doing things for yourself and by yourself. Not a day goes by that I don't find you making a wardrobe change. Sometimes you take all your clothes off and put on new. Other times you just add shirts or pants to what you are already wearing. I find you like to be creative. Sometimes its a shirt you have decided would make good pants (Its very interesting to see you try to walk when you have shoved both of your legs into one shirt sleeve)! Or maybe your brothers pajama top makes a great stole. Whatever the occasion you have an outfit to match!
Some of your other favorite pastimes are:

domestic interests-
unloading the dishwasher, taking the clothes out of the dryer,
dusting, putting dirty dishes in the sink, and making cookies.
playtime interests-
swinging, playing in the sandbox, feeding the bunnies dandelions,
being outside for an eternity, baby dolls (usually undressing them!),
coloring, dancing, reading books, and anything your brothers are doing.
My prayer today for you on your special day is that you will grow to be strong and healthy. That you will love the Lord, give Him your heart and live solely for Him. I thank the Lord for the blessing you are to us. Another ray of sunshine in our family. You are beautiful little girl, inside and out. I love you completely.

Happy Birthday Lauren!

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