Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why We Homeschool

Our decision to homeschool our children centers on the most important of reasons: God has led us to. All other reasons fade when compared to this. We feel this is what God desires for our family and so in obedience we are homeschooling. For the most part I am in compliance with this arrangement, unless of course, you count the days when we are having meltdowns and I day dream of what it must be like to send your children to school! However, these are just flitting visions, because just as soon as I wonder about the other side the Lord fills my mind with all the wonderful aspects of homeschooling.

  • I get to be with my children each and every day.

  • It gives me the opportunity to build strong relationships and bonds with each of them.

  • I can teach about God and His Word.

  • We can pray in our school and it is recommended!

  • We have a flexible schedule and we can change directions at a moments notice.

  • Learning experiences are all around us and we can take a break from scheduled school to pursue them.

  • I get to cuddle with my children on the couch as we read history, science or a good book.

  • My older children are learning by teaching my younger children.

  • I can control what my children hear and see- no R rated words, images or conversations in our school.

  • If someone is having a bad day we can take a break and reduce the school load a bit.

  • I get to learn amazing stuff that I didn't learn in school.

  • I get to teach, something I love to do.

So many wonderful reasons why I feel homeschooling is best for us. We are truly blessed to be able to do this in our family.

"So that your trust may be in the Lord, I teach you today, even you." Proverbs 22:19


  1. I'm so glad you posted this reminder. Today as I was shutting my van door, everyone buckled in after a trip to the doctors and pharmacy I started thinking about a friend of mine.. as I saw a lady jog out of the store with a cute little jogging suit on. She just reminded me of her.

    Anyway, my girlfriend drops her kids off at school. Has all day to herself. Cleans the house, cooks goodies, gets her hair done, shops till she drops, picks the kids up and they have a rosy little dinner, family time, bed, then repeat.

    I started thinking of how glamorous the life is... what if I had TIME to get my hair done. Hmmmm... what if I could just go shopping on a whim, what if I my house clean all the time (that one is key)..

    I sat in the driver's seat thinking for a while. Contemplating. Until there was a little nudge on my heart.... I remember God's calling. I remember it's about the long term. I tell myself not to be short sighted but to see the big picture.

    And.. I drove home, to a sink full of lunch dishes because there wasn't time before doctor's appointments. :-D

  2. Reason #1??? Does this mean there are more to come?? ;)

    Great thought--- and I totally understand what Katie said, as well.

  3. I am delighted I happened upon your blog. This post could have come directly from my fingers!! :)
    Look forward to reading more!
    Homeschooling 4 little boys in AL

  4. I realise this is an "old" post, but I just read it for the first time today. It has been a blessing to reflect on the "why's" of homeschool. Are we perfect? NO! Is it a perfect life to homeschool? NO! BUT...I have had children in school away from me and there were many more "not perfect" days in that old life of mine. I am SO THANKFUL that the Lord called us to this way of doing things. I would not change it!!

    Thanks for blessing me...1 1/2 years after you first posted this...

    In His Love,

  5. Great list! We homeschool too. ;)

  6. Thank you for sharing, we homeschool too!

  7. Stopping by from "Thy Hand Hath Provided" - always love to meet other homeschooling moms. We have four kids too and homeschool for the same reason as you - we know it was what was right for our family - we know we were lead to do this and we love it!!!

  8. I so needed to see this and hear this...encouragement for sure. Everything happens in God's good timing right? and in having a relationship with God you can have that peace and comfort in knowing that it will all work out.Thank you so!

  9. I would love to homeschool. For that matter I would love to stay home and bake, but maybe soon, we are working hard to see that dream come true! Thank you all for your inspiration...a 54 year old granny raising grands!


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