Monday, May 12, 2008

Little Country Church

We attend a little country church set on the corner of intersecting dirt roads. It is surrounded by fields, farms and Amish families. It is a wonderful place to learn about the Lord and to fellowship with fellow believers. If you were to ask any of the members who attend our church they would tell you it is like one big extended family. Most of the families have 3 generations attending our church. We have a group of grandmas that call themselves TOG's- The Other Grandma. They all consider the others grandchildren as their own! So my children have 2 adopted grandma's.

One of these grandmas we call Gramma Nature. She has instilled in me a love for all things birdy! She has helped me in my quest to attract Bluebirds, Orioles and Woodpeckers. She knows so much about nature and she is very willing to teach all the children in our church about the wonders of God's creation. Several summers ago when we were at her house she showed the boys her Monarch collection. She had Monarchs in all stages of development on her kitchen counter and cupboards! The boys immediately ran out to her flower gardens to search the milk weed that she had planted there. We came home with a box all set up for the caterpillars they had found. Since then we go collecting each summer. Last year we raised 40, tagged them for a scientific group which is called Monarch Watch (I think!), and let them go on their journey down south.

Last night Gramma Nature came strolling into church with a plastic storage box that I recognized right away. It was a box she has loaned me the past couple of winters. It is a box that we fill with cornmeal, oats and meal worms! The meal worms are for our Bluebirds. But this time she had a little different arrangement. It is to be a science project for the boys (I told ya she was an awesome lady)! She had placed in the box cornmeal, oats, and a few meal worms that are in the process of changing into beetles. What we will be observing is the worms changing to beetles, laying eggs, dying and then the eggs hatching into the meal worms. Not only is this a great experiment, but I am hoping to save money by raising my own meal worms for the Bluebirds.

I know of no other church where you can walk in with a box of worms and everyone gathers around to see what the next experiment is going to be! Last night we had a group gathered around our pew to see what Gramma Nature was up to! Gramma Nature always has such awesome ideas and the children at our church love to visit to see just what new projects she has up her sleeve. Truth be told its pretty hard to keep us adults from getting excited too!

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  1. Oh, please tell me where you go to church, what a dreamy picture you have painted. You don't live in Kentucky by any chance, do you?


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