Friday, May 2, 2008

It's May

May is finally here! I always look forward to this month. It just shouts spring! Green leaves, pink, yellow, purple, flowers, warm sun and the best smelling breezes! I love to step out my door, take a deep breath and praise God for the fresh air.

My peas, radishes, lettuce, spinach and turnips have all come up in my garden. Lauren and I took a tour of the greens yesterday. She had a hard time keeping between the rows and walked over some of the turnips! Thank goodness the plants are still small!

I haven't been getting much house work done the last couple of days. Lauren just begs to go outside, especially when she sees her brothers out there. Yesterday we spent at least 2 hours outside. She really enjoys the great dandelion field we call our yard. She picks handfuls and then we trudge to the other side of our yard to feed them to our bunnies. She likes picking the "flowees" for her "bun-buns"!

Today it is quite overcast, calling for rain and possibly some thunderstorms. HMMM! Maybe I will get some house work done today. I don't know, some how picking dandelions with my girl sounds like more fun!

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