Thursday, July 3, 2008

Give Me A "C"

Summer Cheerleading Camp 1990
Memories of a former cheerleader

My friend Sara, Me (with a bug in my eye) and my sister Marisa

Summer Cheerleading Camp was brutal! You spent the days, in the hot summer sun, learning new cheers and the evenings, in your rustic cabin, perfecting them so that you could perform in front of everyone the next day. Then you would be judged by the college cheerleaders who had taught you the cheers the day before. No pressure! And check us out! There were only 3 of us!

Here I am looking total confused! Believe me, that was the look plastered on our faces for most of the week. I'm not sure why we liked it so much, because I'm pretty sure it was a cruel form of torture. We would fall into bed exhausted and need log chains to drag us out of bed in the morning. Sore muscles and sunburn were the talk of each day.

We did have some fun moments though. Like this one! Who would turn down the opportunity to climb on ones little sister!

One great thing about cheerleading was that it forced me to overcome my shyness. You can't be shy and stand in front of a crowd yelling a cheer into their faces. It also kept me in shape. Our coaches required a lot out of us. We did strength training, running, gymnastics, and continous cheering to prefect our routines.

Fast forward a year. Here we are cheering at a basketball game looking less confused and sweaty! These pictures bring back such great memories of wonderful friendships and lots of laughter. I was blessed to have such great girlfriends and the best sister/friend a girl could ever ask for!

These days I'm not cheering at a ball game, but I am cheering for my children. My goal is to help them find the positive in our every day lives. Some days they can get down, but not for long cuz they got a cheering Mama comin' up right behind them!


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  1. I never went to cheerleading camp, but I certainly remember those summer practices. Brutal! Although, it really wasn't any worse than having to cheer in 80 degree heat. Our uniforms were wool. I always wondered who the brain surgeon was that picked those out!

    BTW - How is the VBS project coming along?

  2. pictures like this...see they just add to my wishing I could have been a cheerleader....sigh. Great post!

  3. Looks like fun! Love all the bih hair!

    Come see my underpants!

  4. I always wanted to be a cheerleader! I just don't have the moves! Fun pictures.

  5. I was never a cheerleader, but I did spend summer at band camp and I can relate to the sunburn and fatigue, but the fun memories as well.
    Keep cheering on your kids!!

  6. How fun! (in a pain-inflicting kind of way!) And what better way to use those skills than cheering for your kids! :-)

  7. Those were the days! I'll have to put my Cheerleading pics up soon. I was the smallest at the time, so I always had to be at the top of the pyramid...scary.

  8. If you were a "jock" you'd be saying "yep those were the dayz" and isn't it funny that we girls don't share that feeling, instead we become our childrens cheerleaders! Funny such difference!

  9. ME ME ME!! I remember cheerleading camp!? Is THIS where I know you from?? lol I tell ya.. you look so familiar?!!

    Fun pics! Great memories.. and ohh, I do remember those sore muscles and lack of sleep.

  10. I love these pictures! I always wanted to be a cheerleader. But like you we're cheerleaders in a different role.

  11. Ra ra ree.....nevermind.

    My little sister got the spirit bunny genes in our family. I was too shy and not that coordinated for cheerleading!

    Great photos.

  12. Your photos brought back some great memories for me! (and giggles)

  13. How fun to cheer with your sister!

    I cheered my senior year only because my best friend forced me to try out. I was such a book worm. I didn't tell anyone I was trying out so it was a big surprise when I made it. Like you, it helped me overcome my shyness- fun stuff!

    I look forward to cheering for my kids!

  14. Ah Jen! Those were the days! What fond memories! Isn't it crazy how much we enjoyed ourselves during such hard work? Do you remember the time I fell during a lift and you caught me right between the legs with the crook of your arm? I was laughing so hard I think I nearly peed on you! Thanks for catching me, sis- not only in cheerleading, but also through the twists and turns of life!

  15. HAHA! Thanks for commenting me. My experience with cheerleading was not so fun. You can read about that in my old post here.

    I do remember cheer camps. Why were they always so bloody HOT?

  16. This was such a great post to stumble across today. I love reading about old memories! Thanks for sharing and nice to "meet" you.


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