Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Homeschool To Do's

We will be starting school on August 18th. Before that day comes I have some to do items on my list like this:

Organize our school closet
This closet holds everything we need and use throughout the school year. All our literature, history and Bible books, my teacher books, our science curriculum and supplies needed for experiments, some craft supplies, and coloring books for Lauren. It has gotten a little out of hand since last year and being the neat freak that I am, I feel it is time to do some damage control!

Next on the list:

Clean out the boys school boxes
Each of the boys have a drawer in this plastic filing cabinet. This is where we put any workbooks, notebooks, and projects that each child is working on. As you can see, they are in need of some cleaning and organizing.

Also on my list is to re-do our chore chart, figure out a tentative schedule for the school year, print out schedule blocks for Isaac so that he can keep track of his school work, look over my teacher books, and get everyone back on our morning schedule. We get really relaxed in the summer and I let everyone sleep in, but during school I like to keep to a stricter schedule. So in the coming weeks I will be getting everyone used to a morning routine that we will be using during our school year.

For now it is time to tackle that closet!


  1. You are so ORGANIZED! Just looking at your school closet makes me want to dive into a history book.

  2. It looks great sister,
    you should see my mine...


  3. I wake up at night with my heart racing thinking about my closet!
    Good job.

  4. Look at you... Ms. Pro Active!!

    I haven't EVEN started.--*sigh* Where is my TO DO list. ;)

    Good job!


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