Friday, July 25, 2008

My Chicken Poop!


According to Lauren this is my "Chicken Poop"! It doesn't look like much, but hey, it was free! Joel will be putting OSB board on the roof then re-shingling it. After he does some minor repair to the outside walls, I am hoping to primer it and paint it with some red barn paint that my parents have. I really want to trim around the windows and door with white paint to make it look cute and country. Ya know, cuz chickens like that!

The inside of this little shack is actually pretty nice (hard to tell from this picture). It has a ceiling and walls that someone put tongue and groove board on. Joel had suggested making it a potting shed. OH, was that tempting! But, I really want to try to be a bit more self sufficient, so we are going to eventually get some chickens.

Right now, my friend is hatching guineas for me. Joel and I are hoping they will help eradicate a big bug problem we have. We live on top of a big sand pile and each summer our yard becomes infested with Cicada killers. They are a HUGE wasp that nests in the ground. They supposedly aren't aggressive, but we think otherwise! They tend to dive bomb us which results in a lot of running and screaming and that's just me, you should see the kids. Of course, our little, itty, bitty guineas won't help us this year, but hopefully next summer they will earn their keep and slay all these big, bad bugs.

Let me tell you that this picture doesn't do justice to the scare factor of these beasts! They are super big, fast, and they make a yellow jacket seem friendly.


  1. Haha! Chicken poop...that made me laugh.

    Man, those wasps are scary looking. If those things were chasing me I'd be freaking out. :)

  2. thank you for keeping up with me and for encouraging me. i appreciate your prayers.

    i'm glad you have the "chicken poop", i think!!


  3. Good luck with your chicken poop coop-looks like a fun project. I say fix it just how you want to so you will be happy. You could even go Americana.

  4. Oh my goodness those wasps are big and scary! We have chickens and we just love them so much! And really they do eat any kind of bug that lands in the coop.
    I home school my children too.

  5. I can't wait to see it finished, it's gonna be cute I bet.

    Those bee things are better of dead or eatin anyways, eck!


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