Sunday, July 20, 2008

Please Excuse My Absence

Sorry for the lack of blogs for the past few days, I succumbed to the foul grip of illness and I do mean foul. Not fun my friends. To top that all off on Saturday Joel and I had a big canoe trip planned with 4 other couples. So after spending 2 days in bed, I drug my poor self out of the house to go. Normally I would have just told Joel to go with out me, but we haven't had to much husband/wife time lately. Plus, I look forward to our annual canoe trip each year.

Well, let me tell you, it rained the entire 5 hours we were in the canoe. At first, I put on a cheepie plastic poncho to try to keep dry. But, after Joel tipped us reaching for his super soaker squirt gun, I gave up. It was quite interesting to say the least! When we tipped I thankfully landed on my feet and the water was only up to my thighs, but the muck was up to my calves and it sucked my flip-flops down, down deep. We searched for a couple of minutes and then magically they popped right up out of the muck! We climbed back in the canoe, but by that time it was half full of water and it was sloshing from side to side threatening to tip us every other second. We paddled precautiously to the bank and right before we got there tipped again. As we did my paddle continued down the river without us! We got up on shore thoroughly soaked, tossed our gear on land and dumped the canoe. I stripped off the poncho that wasn't going to do me any good anymore and we jumped back in to rescue the run away paddle.

We had a great time! Almost everyone had come with super soaker squirt guns (not that it mattered how wet we got with all the rain) and those who didn't either got tipped from their canoes by my husband (I know quite the little boy!) or soaked by other means.

I don't seem to be any worse for the wear this morning. Just a few bruises, sore muscles and a bit tired. But it was all worth it to spend the day with my husband whom I love dearly and kept me laughing all day long!


  1. Oh, how FUN! The canoe trip, not the illness. Sorry about that part. But really, the canoe trip sounds like it sort of made up for the yuckiness. I was wondering where you have been...glad to know all is well!

  2. Rain! Send some our way!

    Yes it is fun with kids and squirt guns!

  3. It's awesome that you and your husband can goof off together. That's one of the best things in my marriage as well. We've always been able to be ourselves around each other and have a good time. Glad you have fun.

  4. That sounds like such fun! I'm glad you're feeling better and that you didn't lose your flip flops on your trip!! :-)

  5. Sorry to hear you were sick!!! I feel so bad I haven't been in touch! I knew you were busy with VBS and we've been crazy here! Your canoe trip sounds like fun! I wish I could've seen the fiasco- a fun one though! Never a dull moment with Joel!


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