Tuesday, July 15, 2008

VBS- The Finished Product

A couple of weeks ago I posted this:

VBS, at our church, will be coming up in the next 2 weeks. My job is to:
Turn this-

Into this-

As promised, here is an update of the work in progress:

Two days into the project with 5 or 6 hours worth of work done this is what I had accomplished. My teenage friend, from church, Autumn helped me paint the words.

Here I am with two of my helpers Aubree and Autumn. They were a tremendous help to me and did a wonderful job painting. (I am on the left) The boys even got in on the project and helped me paint some of the bigger spaces. They did a great job and we had fun working together.

And the unveiling of the finished product. Drum roll, please...


  1. You have talent just oozing out of you!! :) And you look so adorable in that picture, too. If I ever have an art project, I'm comin' to you!

  2. wow, you all did a wonderful job! it looks great!

  3. Looks like everything is starting to come together. Looks great-nice job.

  4. Wow-- very impressive!! It looks wonderful.

  5. Wow, Jen! What an undertaking! It looks great! I bet the kids loved it!


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