Monday, October 13, 2008

Interruptions, Delays and Inconveniences

At the Well is dealing with the topic of interruptions and our reactions to them- good and bad. Head over to Lori's blog to see more posts on this topic.

  • How do you handle interruptions in your days?
  • Do you plow right on over them missing opportunities God has placed on your path?
  • What interruptions frustrate you the most? How are you working to overcome that?

In all honesty, as a homeschool mom, I would have to say I am still learning to handle interruptions in my day. I function best and so do my children, when we are able to stick to the schedule I have planned out for the day. Deviations from that plan can cause me some uneasiness and guilt over the lack of school work accomplished. Possibly resulting in agitation on my part, which my family would take the brunt of. Not pretty, I know. However, so that you all don't think I'm a control freak, I do yield to changes in the schedule, allowing for interruptions that show potential for positive outcomes. And some days we just chuck it all and go for an easy day with lots of interruptions the sillier the better!

I am sure I have been bull-headed and missed opportunities that where God given. Especially with my children. There have been times when I have just shushed them instead of stopping what I am doing to have a meaningful conversation with them. It has been one of my goals for the past few years to improve in this area, because I began to realize that if I continued to ignore their important interruptions, I would lose out on a much desired relationship with my children. Sadly, at times, I still fail. Missing great opportunities to connect with my children. My prayer is that I miss fewer and fewer of these moments and that the Holy Spirit will fill in the gaps in their lives where I fail.


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  2. Yep-- sounds familiar. Once my mind is calm and my day has settled, I think-- I probably missed a prime moment with my son.
    On the spirtual side of it, I KNOW I have been too busy to claim a/that moment with the Lord.
    I am so thankful that he forgives and forgets! :)

  3. I often feel like that too! Our school day does not get interrupted too often, but many things happen in Tamerin's life that need attention and often not at times that are ideal. For instance just after dealing with the September holidays, the family had to go away again to visit her sick grandfather. It meant another interruption in my plans. Next week her brother has a day off from school and feel obliged to take them on an outing... again not the best time. We will have to prepare for the outing, but what about the other school work? How is Jacob doing? I pray for you too. ( Oops! Sorry, I only now see that Tamerin's blog is still open... she just blogged a big blog and is now having a break, so I just quickly checked yours. Did not mean to comment under her name!)

  4. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us AT THE WELL - I have no doubt that homeschooling must come with interruptions all day long. Blessings to you.


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