Monday, October 20, 2008

No Bear!


On the dining room wall, in the cabin, where we stayed on our vacation there was a mount of a black bear. The boys thought it was S-O-O-O COOL! Lauren on the other hand had a love-hate relationship with the fuzzy critter. Whenever we had a meal she would stare at it and dramatically say, "No beaw, no beaw!" She would hide her eyes and shrudder. However, in the next breath she would be holding up her fork with scrambled eggs on it, offering her tormentor a bite to eat. As the week went on she figured out how to play up the drama and receive laughs from us all. By the end of the week I think she would have brought the goofy thing home just so she could continue her little dramatic scenes!


And I just had to add in this vacation picture, because she is being so feminine. She adores doing little antics such as this because her brothers think it is hilarious. There is no hope I'm afraid!


  1. Love the little family photo on your sidebar of you all crammed in the picture. Very cute :-)

  2. So cute!
    We were at my cousins last weekend and they have a deer on the wall...I'm just so not used to that! I get a bit freaked out by dead stuffed animals...glad Lauren had fun with it. She's a little ham!


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