Monday, February 23, 2009

The Blessing of a True Friend

Are you blessed with a friend who knows you?  I mean really knows you?  She knows all your insecurities, all your goofy quirks, and you not-so-nice attitudes, yet she still loves you? 

I am.

I have one of the greatest friends of all time- Heather.  Heather and I have known each other since high school.  She was actually a year younger than me and one of my sisters friends.  But, my senior year in high school was a hard one and my best friend and I had had a falling out.  So, I went to my first and closest friend, for support and comfort- my sister (that is an entirely different post).  This is when I first began to realize what an awesome friend Heather was.

Heather is generous with her love and friendship, she is a true friend.  I could write pages and pages about all the times she has shown this to me, but instead I will just share the most recent example.



Heather, took me, my three boys and her son to this awesome hotel for a fun filled weekend.  And she wouldn't hear of letting me pay for one single bit of it! I told you she was generous! And I am immensely grateful for all she does for me.

We had so much FUN! 


The boys splashed, floated, leaped, climbed, slid and got drenched.  But you should have seen Heather and I, because we were right there with them doing it all! Talk about a couple of big kids!


When we were all sufficiently water logged we would head back up to our hotel room and stuff our faces with junk food that we had brought with us.

100_4552 100_4554

It was great to be able to relax before the next round of water excitement.


Thank you Heather for being such a wonderful friend.  I love you so much! I needed this weekend!  It was great to do nothing, but laugh, talk, deep, meaningful girl talk, and enjoy spending a weekend with one of my greatest and best friends! You are such a blessing to me! Thank you for being my TRUE friend.  I Love You, Dearest Friend!



  1. Oh....that sounds heavenly. Best friends are truly are very blessed!

    I just got your email about making the button...I'll be emailing you later on! :)

  2. oOo, what a fun hotel!! Awesome! Having wonderful friends are a gift from God! I'm so glad to see that he has blessed you with that!

  3. Kristin is my "Heather"! I thank God for her every day:)

    Looks like a wonderful weekend for Moms and Kids alike! Isn't it nice to get a away once in a while?

  4. Oh Jenn, it is a blessing a true gift from God to have a good friend :) Treasure her!! As I sure you do and she is blessed to have you as a friend as well :)

  5. I once had a friend like that. We reunited after 15 years apart last March, but I think we have become 2different people. She is now single and does not have children. Our schedules seem to keep us apart and we talk on facebook & email. We used to be like sisters, very sad.
    I just wrote to another friend, she's in prison for buying drugs off of an undecover cop. She says she will come to church with me when she gets out in July.

    So you are truly blessed!

  6. Heather is a great friend! I'm so glad everyone stayed healthy enough for you to go! I'm sure you had a great time!

  7. Thank Jen, you are that friend to me as well! I don't know what I would do without you!!!! You are a true blessing!!


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