Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feel The Love

In celebration of Valentine's Day I decided to post some pictures of familial love!


Brotherly love.


Grandpa and Isaac

Grandfatherly love.



Sisterly love. Oh yes, that is me in the front, very pregnant with my 3rd son!  Feel free to comment on the whole ensemble and the squished pumpkin I am carrying around my middle.



Cousin love.   SMOOCH!



Love of a spouse. (On a very humid day!) But special to me all the same.  It seems I always get pictures of everybody else and rarely a picture of me and my love. 

So, in celebration of this love month, go out and give the loves of your life a great big hug and maybe a smooch or two!

To see more memories in picture form head over to Kristen's for the Sincerely Fro' Me To You  carnival.


  1. Love seeing pictures of the family. Thanks for sharing them. And I am going to keep my comments to myself about that picture with your sisters. ha

  2. Well, I love the pretty pregnant pumpkin picture!- how was that for alliteration?? :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovin' the Love! Great choices.
    Our church did a funny skit once on how we all hug and pose for photos and then nag and argue the rest of the week!

    My word verification on here was "friend"

  4. lol, what a cute belly in that one!! And all those pictures are really gorgeous!

  5. *slaps forehead*

    Why didn't *I* do a love post?

    Love it!

    May be copying you soon........

  6. Great idea for Valentine's! I love it!

  7. I REALLY like the picture of you and your hubby:) We, too, are guilty of not having enough photos of us together.....someone has to take the pictures!!!

  8. You can always justify your outfit in the sister pic by blaming pregnancy. Maternity clothes can be pretty ugly. But the other jumper-clad person in the picture doesn't appear to be pregnant...

  9. What fun pics! I love the pregnant belly one. You are ALL belly, even with your 3rd, impressive! :)

  10. Aw, what a great idea!! I love the picture of your perfect round tummy :P I gained so much weight when I was pregnant that I *barely* looked pregnant. You look super duper cute!!

  11. Love the pregnant belly picture. :) What great family you have.

  12. Great, creative post! I love the pictures!

  13. Well, all these pictures are so fun, but I LOVE the one of you and your hubby. I know what you mean...we hardly have any of just the two of us, either. You are such a beautiful person, and I love seeing you with your man!


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