Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Week in Review...

I enjoy reading posts on my friends blogs that let me get a little glimpse of what their lives are really like.  So, I decided to try something.  On Saturdays I will write a post that reviews my week and what I have been doing, thinking, praying or dreaming about.

What I've been thinking:  Valentine's Day is coming up and a thought that has bumping around in my head is that- I would like to have the boys make Valentine Cards to hand out at the nursing home where my grandmother lives.  It would be a great experience for them and I know the elderly ladies and gentlemen would enjoy receiving a card.

What I've been doing: Well this is the really exciting part....laundry, potty training (Lauren not me, just in case you were wondering!), cooking, home schooling, breaking up disagreements, wiping a snotty nose (Lauren again, she's high maintenance), picking up toys, laundry (yeah, this is worth mentioning twice), and reading my Bible and some school books, so that I can keep at least one step ahead of Isaac. 

What I've been dreaming: I am dreaming about spring! I can't wait to get out in my garden.  I am really hungry for some fresh produce and my eyes are longing to see the first blooms of spring.

What I've been praying: This could be an extra long list so I will pick only a couple of things to talk about. 

  • I have been praying for God to spark a fire of longing in my family.  I want each of us to desire a close personal relationship with the Lord. 
  • I have been praying for my brother, his wife and their two children as they adjust to a new country.  Their apartment is right across for a mosque and they hear the call to prayer 5 times a day with the first one occurring an hour before dawn. Plus my brother says everyone seems to have a horn in their left hand!

There you have it my very normal, unexciting life laid out for all to read about!


  1. Love this. I enjoy knowing what my blog friends are up to. You did it the right way too - not every detail (ha). Had to laugh at your potty training comment.

    Somewhere I must not have been paying attention because I didn't know that your brothers family was in a different country. Glad to know that now.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Awww, it was so nice to get a glimpse into your world. Thanks for sharing.

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