Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got Hair?

Since this will be the last week that Kristen hosts Sincerely Fro Me To You, I figured I would dedicate this one to her.

Kristen, since you are all about big hair and you harbor that special place in your heart for perms, I thought I would share a few of my big hair pictures with you.  But, please keep in mind that God gave me a permanent perm at conception! There was nothing I could do but roll with it.

prom of 92

Senior Prom April 1992. 

I decided to go and get my hair done, because I wanted to look a-w-e-s-o-m-e for my guy. (something I have never done again, the hair styling part, that is!)  When the stylist got done I almost freaked.  My hair was HUGE.  It was tremendously poofy and if I hadn't felt this was such an important event I would have laughed hilariously. Instead I had to fight the urge to cry. As soon as I got home I tried squishing it down, but the guy had plastered my head with hair spray.  I did succeed in calming it some, but it still looked like my head had sprouted, like an uncontrollable Chia-Pet.  This picture is the result of me trying to tame my curly do and not totally succeeding!

Engagement Picture October 1992

Fast forward 6 months- Joel asked me to marry him the day I graduated from high school.  Looking back that was quite the eventful year! The reason why I included this picture is that it shows the tightness of my curls.  This was a wash and dry hair-do.  I washed, let it air dry and Wa-la this is what I got. Curls galore. I'm pretty sure I had more than my fair share of hair.

engagement picture

Homecoming at my Alma Matter September 1993

Finally a year later, at my sisters homecoming where she was crowned Homecoming Queen- isn't she beautiful!  Once again we are both sporting a head full of curly hair. And me, I stylin' with the way cool rolled jeans!

Marisa homecoming

So, there you have it!

Thanks Kristen for hosting this great carnival where we can all post our pictures from the past.

Just a little shout out to Big Hair Envy- Don't hate me! ;) Because I still think Wilma's got us all beat!

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  1. Wow! I missed out on that decade, but it looked fun! I think you still looked gorgeous with the big hair!

  2. I think we should consider froming a club for those of us born with permanent included.

    Wonderful pictures!!

  3. Aw, Jenn you are taking me back with those rolled jeans...and you know I love the hair. You had a wonderful hair.

    Thanks for the Aveeno cream tip. :)

  4. Oh my lands and sakes alive!! That is some dress girl! (ha - bet you thought I was going to say something about your hair, didncha?)

    Oh, and you hair is pretty sweet, too!

  5. I can't help it - I like big hair. I like all your photos, too, especially the one in the rolled jeans!

  6. Thankfully, your hair was right in style!

  7. Yes, God has a sense of humor. Why else would He have connected me with you and Wilma??? Bwahaha!

    You have NO IDEA what I would have given to have hair like THAT back in the day! You tried to squish it down? Blasphemy!!!

  8. ahhhh, those were the days. Love your blog :)

  9. It really was in style! But today, it totally made me laugh. Thank you :)

    LOVE the rolled jeans.

  10. Hi Jen, I've been away awhile (I hope to post tomorrow though)but I'm glad I came abck to blogland in time to see those stylin tight rolled jeans! That's a blast from teh past! You have beautiful curly hair and am jealous as my hair's straight as a stick and Aquanet back then was my best friend! The bigger and stickier the bangs the better. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. How ahve you been? I've missed keeping up on you and your families' happenings.


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