Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Story of a Two-Year-Old


Have I ever mentioned that I love this age? How about that this age frustrates me to no ends? Or have I ever mentioned that this age makes me laugh hysterically? What if I told you that this age makes me want to tear my hear out? Wait- did I mention that I wouldn't trade this time for anything in the world?

Here is the story of my two-year-old princess...


There once was a little princess, who was practicing to be a dictator. She worked day and night to rule her little world. She used all the tricks and devices she could dream up. She yelled, she screamed, she demanded her own way, all while crying and wailing as loud as humanly possible.

There once was a little princess, who could melt anyone's heart. She was sweet and round and cuddley. She would talk in the softest manner, look through her long eyelashes, and throw her arms around the neck of her suitor. Before long she would be playing house with the afore mentioned young boy and she would be as happy as could be.

There once was a young princess, who made everyone around her laugh hilariously. Especially on the days when she talked about the adventures of Mr. Goggins, who loved to go to town and was later found out to be a mouse. Or when there was wailing from the bathroom because she almost fell into the "teapot" (or pee-pot as it was once called). Or when she broke into giggles because she passed a little gas. Of course all the young princes around her found that extremely humorous and she attempted to oblige them with a repeat performance. Or maybe that she loved to talk about Winnie-the-Poopie (aka Winnie-the-Pooh). Can you tell this young princess was surrounded by young princes?

There once was a young princess, who was adored by her mama. She easily found an abundance of love was given to her by this lady. Her arms were always open, ready to fold the young princess into a cocoon of love. There was always time for tea parties and book readings, not to mention, strolling of babies. Her mama loved her completely even on the days when the princess was fighting to be in charge. On these days, her mama just continued to surround her with love and discipline.

There once was a young princess, who was and is a most treasured gift from God. Even on the hard days when her Mama's head gains a few new gray hairs!



  1. well I think you really are enjoying every detail..what a special momma she had in you!

  2. I feel exactly like this w/ my two year old boy-wowzers-2 can be a joy and terror!!!I think you've inspired me to write about my zoo adventure w/ him yesterday! Thanks!!Jenn

  3. Mothers of 2 year olds.. UNITE!

    This was a cute post. I wouldn't give up one single minute tho, would you??

  4. This would have been my entry, had I not stopped at three boys!

  5. Yes two year olds are the vry best. My oldest princess is 22 today...enjoy every second of her.

  6. Aww, this stage is so precious and unique! I have a 2 yr old too and they still look like babies, but insist on having their ways LOL. So darling!

  7. Such a cute and creative post!!! Two is definitely as fun as it is challenging!

  8. What a wonderful post. You know I can soooo relate to this one TWO. :)
    She's such a doll!

  9. she is so adorable. and she is really is blessed to have you for her mama.

  10. She IS a princess! 2 is such a wonderful age - full of self-discovery and exercising that newly found strong will, and of pure sweetness. Drink in every minute!


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