Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Toddler Humor

The other day Lauren was at my parents house playing with Grandpa. She handed her play phone to my dad and this is the conversation that took place...

Lauren: "Grandpa, call Megan."

Grandpa: (punches in a bunch of numbers) "Hello, Megan, Lauren would like to talk to you."

Lauren: "Hi, Megan."(continues on with a lot of babble that Grandpa couldn't understand")
She talked for about a minute then looked at Grandpa funny and said, "This not Megan"(followed by a big huff).
She quickly redialed and must have gotten the correct number, because she quickly said, "Hi, Megan," and continued on with her one-sided conversation!

Poor Grandpa didn't even have a chance at getting that right!


  1. Don't you love that?! Cody enjoys pointing at items and he asks me, "What's that?"

    I tell him...

    ... "No Mommy, that's not right. That's a (insert his own creative word)"

    I can never win with him! LOL

    Cute story ;) thanks for sharing :D ah the joys of being a Mommy!

  2. Such a fun age, isn't it? With the exception of the tantrums!!

  3. oh my - we girls always have to do it "our way". she sure is a sweet thing!

  4. Oh... is she sassy like my 2 year old? :)

    Cute story.

  5. Too cute! I love to listen to our kids pretend phone conversations. At times you'd think Lucas was really talking to someone. He's very convincing:) Hope your feeling better!

  6. That is just the cutest thing! I love it! huff...

  7. That is awesome - I just can't get over how much they understand already at this age - it amazes me.


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