Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Choose Love

“There’s no way I’m ever going to write about that!”  

Those were my exact thoughts when I first looked through the writing topics for At The Well.  My eyes had fallen on the heading of “To Have and To Hold”.  For those who chose to write for this category the focus would be on marriage, Biblical submission, practical advice; in essence loving our husbands. I had made up my mind that I would never be able to provide wisdom on the subject of marriage, let alone anything practical or remotely competent. So, I chose to contribute to a subject a bit more in my comfort zone.  Writing on marriage would have to be somebody else’s project! 

*To read the rest of my most recent article come visit me AT THE WELL.


  1. Oh sweetie, I bet ya have far more to offer than you ever imagined, ya just need to tap into that 'well'.

    Have a fun~filled day filled with blessings from above!

  2. marriage is my most favorite topic to read about....i will get over to your well site this afternoon.

    have a great day~

  3. Dear Jenn ~

    I travelled over at your suggestion. Great post! The Lord IS good and convicts us and guides us according to HIS perfect will. May the Lord use your lovely article to be a blessing to many!

    With Love,

    P.S. I will pray for you as you seek to put the Lord and your Hubby first.

  4. I so enjoyed the truth of your post today at At the Well...job well done!

  5. It can be so hard to put our hubbies first when our kids need so much and we feel like we are giving so much! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  6. I left a comment over At the Well. Just wanted to tell you also that I said I would never write on marriage, and I was able to avoid it until the new system, now I have done it twice! I feel so inadequate. . . but hey, it's is not supposed to be my adaquacy is it?

    anyway, great job!


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