Monday, March 1, 2010


It is officially March, the sun is shining, and I am officially ready to smell spring!

How about you?

I know that true spring weather is a ways off for those of us who live in the north, but there will be warmer days, longer days, days with the hint of spring and promises of green. I am ready and so are the birds!  Yesterday there were a few more twitterings in the fresh morning air.

For the past month I have been reminding myself to look for the beautiful in February.  The end of winter can drag on and at times I was letting it take me with it.

Until I remembered to look for God’s glory in the scene outside my windows.



And inside my windows.

100_7731  100_7775  100_6853



There will be more snow days this month, I know, and then the season of MUD, but my heart is a measure lighter because I can prepare for the time of growing.


I received my first order of seeds this weekend! I started making some newspaper starting pots and I will plant some of my seeds as soon as I can get the soil. I am really excited, because this year I am going to convert a small section of my flower bed into an herb garden.  My plan is to collect and dry my own herbs.  I’m not sure how it will go, but I enjoy trying new things in my gardens!


Hope your Monday is bright and shining where your are!



  1. great shots..and I bet you can't wait to get in the soil!

  2. Spring...yes, yes yes!!! I noticed this morning when I was out doin' chores the birds are more active and chirpin' just a little livelier. I'm hoping they know that spring is in the air! I'm sooooo ready!!!

    God bless and have a fantastic day!!!

  3. I've sent you a reply email from your comment to me... and then went back to my blog to make a clarification in the recipe. It might do more like 15 - the way I did it. Thanks for asking and catching that.

    Anyway. Today is a gorgeous-"feels like"-spring-around-here type of day.

    I love the newspaper flower pots and the idea for an herb garden... tell me more.

  4. I remember last yer when we were there visiting. There were seeds started in this woman's living room, so she could plant as soon as the ground was ready. We thought that was hysterical, but tomatoes are a big deal.

    It is coming soon, my friend, and it looks amazing!

  5. I am so ready for spring! Love the pictures. I'm a newbie gardener and want to try a few herbs this year too.

  6. Last Sunday as we walked the sidewalk up to church, I could smell it... the smell of spring... well dirt really, just enough snow had melted from the edge of the sidewalk... It was such a teaser. But Spring will come... eventually. As you said later for those of us who live in the north. (I went to college up near the UP of MI, and felt sorry for the students who lived in the south. By the time the end of the school year came spring was just starting in the north and already ending in the south. ☺ They would almost completely miss spring!)
    How do you make your newspaper starter pots? That's a great way to recycle newspaper.

  7. Come on March! I need to order some seeds! I'm not sure where I will plant them, but I would really like to try a garden again!

  8. Love your photos Jenn! The one of the kids piled on the floor is the best! Have a wonderful...intentional week my friend! May the Lord bless you!


  9. An herb garden. How fun! Those snow pix are great, Jenn!

  10. love these pics - I wish I would've got some shots of the snow when it had just fallen!


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