Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When it gets warm…

We have been blessed with 50 degree temps. the past few days! It seems to bring on a spike of internal temperatures within my children. My boys want to run around outside with just T-shirts on! I insist on at least a long sleeve shirt! They bemoan this saying they are roasting and sweating.  But, being the ogre I am, I don’t back down!

I remember when I was a little girl and we would have our first warm days after a long winter. My sisters and I would always beg to get out our shorts! It didn’t matter that there were patches of snow on the ground and the air still had a slight chill to it. By golly, the sun was shining and it was above 30 degrees, that in it self called for a celebration! I remember begging my mom to let me put on a pair of shorts, telling her the exact same things my boys tell me.  And I remember, my mom holding out and telling us when it got up to 60 degrees we could wear our shorts! Now a days, I wouldn’t dare put shorts on when it was only 60.  I would most surely freeze my legs off!

There’s something about being young that just raises your internal temperature a notch or two when spring is coming.  I just don’t have that ability anymore!

Yesterday, after lunch, the boys and Sis went out to play. About 5 minutes later my oldest son came rushing back in to tell me I really needed to get outside, because it was SO warm. I quickly finished up my lunch and grabbed my camera, because I could see interesting things happening outside my window.

100_7854 100_7858

Make shift tents had been erected and games were afoot. I’m pretty sure an exciting hunting expedition was taking place in these photos. Later the game turned into a re-enactment of the Civil War.

It was beautiful outside (although I opted for a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt, which my boys just couldn’t understand!).  I gathered up some laundry and rejoiced because I was able to hang my first load of laundry on the line for the year!


I don’t know if I’ve ever hung out laundry when there was still snow on the ground, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!


The afternoon quickly came to an end, but not before the boys could get in some high action swinging! 

Today promises to be just as beautiful. I’ll be hanging out more laundry and listening as the Blue Herons, Sand Hill Cranes and Red Wing Blackbirds sing their praises of spring, their glorious songs intertwining with the giggles and shouts of my children as they soak up the sun.


  1. Yes, I noticed that the songs of spring filled the treetops on the Ponderosa. But that Mother Nature can be such a tease. It was darn near 70 yesterday and I dug in the dirt without gloves on. I always wear gloves, 'cept I needed a dirt fix! The weatherman is calling for highs in the mid to low forties for the weekend! Yep, quite the tease that MN. Heeehehehe!

    Have a fun day filled with sweet, sweet blessings!!!

  2. I hear ya!
    Me and my kids are feeling the same way! Bring on spring!!!!

  3. It's so funny b/c my daughter is just like that...wanting to wear shorts when it is NOT warm enough outside to wear shorts yet. BUT....no short wearing until it's warm enough outside!

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. It's been so good to see the sun and feel it's warmth!!!!

  5. yup!! outside today as well.

    I stepped out to bring one of the big wheels into the house... and quickly changed my mind...we ALL needed some fresh air - so outdoors it was.

    Guess what, all Caleb wanted to do was to "shovel" any remaining snow piles, with the shovel, that he could -instead of riding the big wheel. So Sissy took the big wheel instead. Amazingly he didn't mind.

  6. I kinda wanted to break out my flip flops! Bring on Spring!

  7. LOL...spring fever is definitely hitting us all! I love it that you hung out your laundry with snow on the ground...what a great pic! :) When I was younger I always would switch to shorts in February (we are in the Pacific Northwest) so it was a bit early, but I can totally relate to your children! :) I don't think I ever did the shorts thing with snow on the ground though.


  8. Hangin' out clothes on the clothesline???? HOW AWESOME IS THAT???? :)

  9. I dragged my bunners out side yesterday too! My littles were actually running around in tank tops! Crazy kids! I sent them out with long sleeves, but the sneaky ones had 'camis' under their long sleeves, they won. LOL

    I wish I had though to hang laundry!

  10. Spring does makes people do crazy things sometimes. One spring when I was growing up there was a huge puddle in the front yard. There were snow piles all around yet, and ice in the puddle, but that didn't stop my brother and I from taking our shoes and socks off, rolling up our pants and running through the puddle bare foot! Actually I almost wished I could do the same thing the other day! ☺

  11. My boys have the same Civil War guns! I do love the sunshine, too!

    Great pics!

  12. Jenn, this is so funny. You should see how people dress here when it is 50 degrees. Well, you've seen how I dress there when it is 50 degrees. I am a constant source of teasing when we visit.

    I love that your kids are immune to it all. Crazy!

  13. Thanks for all the gardening tips you left on my blog. Most helpful!

    Love this pictures. I know what you mean about kids. They are walking around barefoot as soon as there is no snow on the ground telling me it is warm and wearing shorts around the house. Hailey wants to wear her swim suit in the bath tub! Kids are so funny. Loved the Civil War battle and hanging laundry with snow on the ground.

  14. Isn't it fabulous! Bring on Spring...
    It's only made it the mid to high 40's here, but we feel a heat wave. LOL! My southern friends still call those temps winter, but we call it Spring. haha
    I'm having an apron giveaway come on over and check it out.
    Blessing to you and yours


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