Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sun Catcher


100_7969A few weeks ago I broke out the coffee filters and markers. I had initially thought of it as a project for my daughter, since she is ALWAYS begging to do art. But, before I new what was happening a swarm of boys descended on the dining room.  Everyone was clamoring for a coffee filter and some markers.  Thankfully after 8 years of homeschooling there are no shortages of markers in this home!

For the past 2 weeks our amazing disks of color have sat on the school room table waiting for inspiration. 

100_7793 100_7794

Finally, it came to me…Sun Catchers. This was a perfect craft for all ages. My 13-year-old son, right down to my 3-year-old daughter enjoyed it.

Here is a list of materials needed:

White coffee filters



Eye dropper or spoons

Colored computer paper


exacto knife

hole punch

Step 1:  Have your children color their coffee filters. 



Step 2: Once they have filled their coffee filter with color place it on a cookie sheet and let them wet it down.  We used an eye dropper but you could use a spoon.  Get the whole filter wet. Just damp is fine, there is no need to soak it! Watch those toddlers, they love water! :)


Step 3: Let the filter dry.


Step 4: Let your child choose two pieces of colored computer paper.  Lay one on top of the other.  Place a dry coffee filter on top of the paper and trace a circle that is about 1/4 of an inch bigger than the filter onto the top piece of paper.  Now you can draw your design.  I did my daughters free hand, but the boys decided to use stencils. Make sure to keep your design away from the edge of the circle about 1/4-1/2 inch.

100_7957 100_7971

Step 5: Using an exacto knife cut out your design, making sure to cut through both sheets of paper. ***Make sure you do the cutting on a cutting board. I found that the cutting part was a bit difficult for my younger boys. I ended up doing most of it, but they were still really pleased with this project.


Step 6: Holding tightly to the papers, cut out your circle.

Step 7:  Using a glue stick, smear the inside of one of the paper circles with glue. Lay down you coffee filter.  Glue the inside of your other paper circle and place on top. I found that if I took this over to the window and held it up against the glass I could see to line up the top circle with the bottom circle.

Step 8: Punch a hole in the top. Run string through and then tape up to the window.



And with all those leftover, color-saturated, coffee filters you can make your daughter a fairy-princess-flower-wand.  She will be delighted.  See…



Well, maybe if she gets to say “Monkey” while you take the picture it will help!


Craft on!


  1. I am so chuckling right now... why does this last half the post (Little Lauren) feel so relatable? I think I can easily see Aubrey doing this very thing.

    Toddlers loving water!! Also made me laugh. Uhmmm... sounds like not enough wrinkle time. Eh?

    How creative, though. I love these little things. Another idea in how to use up the 50,0000 coffee filters that we've got laying around.

  2. Those are great! The are really pretty!

  3. These are great! What a neat project to occupy all ages. Thanks Jenn.

    I'm lovin' that little precious pouty face. :o)

    Have a wonderful day, sweetie!!!

  4. Such a great idea! Great job, mom. Your princess made me smile. :)

  5. Great project - My girls would love doing something like that!

  6. These are beautiful. so happy to have stumbled upon your blog.
    Warm wishes and joy, Tonya

  7. the pouty picture. Great idea, Jenn. You are a home school genius.

  8. now, Im not craft AT ALL!!! But these look so easy, maybe even I can do it ;) Thank you for the idea, and inspiration!! xoxo LA


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