Friday, March 19, 2010

My Table


Dearest Table,

There have been times when I have wished to replace you.  I even went so far as to look for a new one in one of my weaker moments.  I thought how wonderful it would be to have a table that didn’t creak and moan like an old woman’s back. I wondered what it would be like to have a table with a smooth unmarred surface.  I delighted in the thought of having a table with matching chairs. But as I began to look around at the new and shiny tables, my eyes where opened to the treasure I had sitting in my dining room.

You, dear table, are full of memories.  Your top was secured by my children’s grandfather. I have no idea where your legs came from, but they were attached and fit just fine. They even look like they were made to match. My children’s father, grandparent’s and Aunt’s sat around you for many meals. And remnant’s of homework done are carved into your surface.

Now you belong to us. You are well loved and well used.  Every meal of every day is eaten upon your sturdy surface.  Many conversations have been started and finished in your presence. You are a central part in our school days. Hours upon hours of school work has been done and is being done in the school books for which you provide a resting place. Your surface bears the marks of a myriad pencil marks and punctures. Many a craft project, complete with glue, markers and paint have stained your surface temporarily. But creativity has been born there.

You see, you aren’t so fancy and pristine that you can’t be used for all the projects and duties this family has to do.  If you get scratched or dinged, oh well. It is one more mark to add to your character. If I had foolishly insisted on a brand new table, it is likely I would have bemoaned the scratches that would have inevitably marred an expensive table.  But, with you I am free to live and let my children be children.

Memories.  That’s what you invoke.  Each mark. Each stain. These bring forth those “remember when” stories and bind this family even closer together.  Even though you bear many imperfections, you hold immeasurable beauty to this family.

So, thank you for your imperfections.  They make you unique and they make you ours.



  1. I love this! Our family tables are so important. I had a hard time getting rid of our first table. The children had drawn on the underside and there were stains from dying easter eggs...sweet memories. They ate their first meals at that table. It got broken beyond repair while we were living in Germany. Beautiful post today!

  2. thanks for the I look at my kitchen table that I've wanted to replace with one much more...sophisticated. Maybe I'll hold on to the marker stained one we've had for over 5 years (of homeschooling, dinners, etc!)

  3. Great Jenn! I saw the title and was expectin' another tablescape or something. Yes, the dining room table is really the heart of a homes activity. I probably need to go and thank my table right now! Heeehehe!

    God bless and have a fabulous Friday!!!

  4. I feel exactly the same way about my table!

  5. Jenn!
    I have to share two stories...
    1) We had a gorgeous teak table set and sold it because I was afraid the children would ruin it. We replaced it with an old country table.
    2) My mom's friend was cleaning out her basement after her husband died. She called mom and asked her if she wanted her old sewing table. Mom had given it to her in the 70s when our family moved to FL. I now have it. My son cleaned it up but I wouldn't let him sand out all the initials that were carved in it and the marks we left as kids.
    Tables are a blessing,

  6. I think I'd say something like this to our table if it had as much family history/memory behind yours does.

    Ours wobbled, moaned and shook too much (I finally convinced my hubby that it was a goner). Another family was getting rid of theirs (for whatever reason) and so now I suppose we can *start* over and make our memories, with this one.

    Cute post. I don't think I think of things like this - enough.

  7. I love this! I think your table is wonderful! It's rustic and it adds character to your living space.

    When we replaced our table last year we had quite a bit pressure placed upon us (and I may have told you this, so please forgive me if I have) to instantly buy place mats or a table cloth to protect it's surface. I'm not sure why this person was so concerned about our new purchase, but I'm glad I stayed strong. Our home is not a museum. I want us to be able to live in it without wincing at every mark made upon our belongings. Is it showing damage already? Yup! But I'm OK with that! I'm looking forward to creating many more memories around that space.

  8. This is great...Yup ~ I can relate! :) Only yours looks like REAL wood and mine is arborite with real wood legs! Funny how we do get attached though ~ I have looked at a "new" table on more than one occasion and the old just seems to "fit".


  9. that was so sweet....
    that is what makes antique furniture special~ the stories they can tell.

    have a lovely day.

  10. Furniture with character. Love this. ;)

  11. Yep, Yep!! I love this!

    Forget "if those walls could talk"---that table could tell some doozey stories, huh?

  12. Well done good and faithful table. It is a treasure! How wonderful to think of your family around it. Wonderful.


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