Saturday, October 2, 2010

Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World~ Book Review


Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World by Dr. David Jeremiah, published by Thomas Nelson, is a book that brings hope and peace in these troubled days in which we live. It delivers a message of confidence which we can hold on to.

Dr. Jeremiah’s book is full of Godly advice. Each of the ten chapters deals with an area in out lives in which we can build our confidence and our walk with God, to help us deal with these scary times that we live in. Some of the various topics are: Stay Connected, Stay Calm, Stay Centered and Stay Consistent.

From the chapter, Stay Calm, Dr. Jeremiah writes,

Jesus says, “Believe in me. Believe in the reality of my home.Then believe my promise. Believe.”  For some, believing can be difficult to accept because the problems of this world are visible and tangible, but the hope and power come from an invisible reality. Our only bond to that world is our faith- our decision to believe.

I enjoyed reading Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World.  Dr. Jeremiah fills his book with useful and Godly advice. In each chapter he uses stories to illustrate and pull the reader in.  I especially appreciated this aspect because I had it in the back of my mind that this book was going to be a dry read.  However, it was quite the opposite!  I highly recommend this book to everyone. It will help you to find the peace that only God can bring during times of trouble and uncertainty.

*Thomas Nelson Publishing provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. I was not paid in any way to review this book.


  1. Wow. Just what I needed. I only wish I had the book in front of me right now. After a night of taking care of sick kids (everyone in the house but me has a stomach bug) it would be easy to let myself believe God isn't there or doesn't care...but I have to decide to have faith and carry on. Strength will rise as I wait upon the Lord....

  2. We have done several of Dr. Jeremiah's studies at our church. He seems to be a very gifted author. Thanks for sharing. God bless.


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