Monday, January 2, 2012



I sat down just for a moment to catch a breath after lunch. The afternoon slump rushed towards me. It engulfed me and flowed over me. I shouldn’t have sat down. I felt immobilized, sleepy and my limbs felt powerless. My brain seemed to go into hibernation mode. My thinking slowed and I knew if I didn’t get up and move I would slump over in sleep.

It’s not a good feeling when I have so much that needs done. I forced myself up. I began slowly to work on cleaning the kitchen. Bit by bit my body and mind began to gain speed. Soon I revved up to normal speed and my mind began to fire on all cylinders.


That’s how I’ve been spiritually in the past. I’ve been happy in my comfortable place. Holed up away from the world. Safe. Secure.

Deep in my little protective nest. Sleepy. I don’t get hurt there. There’s nothing scary there. Warm and dependable. I know exactly what to expect.


I don’t get blessed there. I don’t shine there. I don’t share Jesus there. I don’t grow there. I don’t move there. I remain small and stagnant. Powerless.

I’ve learned so much in the past year.

God didn’t call me to become a recluse in my own home or church. He didn’t call me to safety and warm fuzzies. He called me to move for Him. His Great Commission doesn’t say keep God’s Holy, Saving, life-changing Word to yourself. No. God called me to spread His Word, to chase away the darkness. Those who don’t know Christ, who do not have a relationship with Him, who don’t believe, they are walking dead (Eph 5:14; Col 2:13). Doesn’t that just shake you up? And those in the church just going through the motions. They are sleeping. It’s time to wake them up.

This year, 2012. God has given me the word, “MOVE”. I’ve been sleeping too long. My brain and limbs immobilized by fear. My heart captured by things other than God. This time, here and now, He is challenging me. Asking me to step out of my comfort zone. He is teaching me how to share who Jesus really is. Yes, He is love, but so much more, too. He is everything and more than enough to fill all the empty voids in our lives.

And as I type this I know that God has given me the word “move” as the heading for my year, but also the subtitle of “more than enough”.  He is that!  I am learning to grasp that and pray that daily.

“Lord, you are enough!”

“Oh, that we might know the LORD! Let us press on (move) to know him. He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring."  Hosea 6:3 (emphasis and italicized wording, mine)

“For in Him we live and move and exist…”  Acts 17:28


I’m sending out a wake up call to you. What are you willing to do?  Are you going to charge ahead into battle for the Lord or are you going to go AWOL?  I’m choosing battle. I’ve been asleep too long. I’m “armoured” up and stepping out. Let’s wake the sleeping. Let’s show the dead that there is life. A bright, radiant, everlasting, full to the top, life with Jehovah, our God, our Savior, Life Giver, All Sufficient! He is enough!

“But you are chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light.”  I Peter 2:9


  1. I love it! God has been telling me to move as well. For different reasons due to my health but stop being so lazy! I am sorry about your car. It is sad that our churches will soon need to post security to protect its members. So much sadness lately. Please feel free to join my bible study blog hop, would love to have you share with us!

  2. Oh my goodness!~
    Your car?!?

    Praying that who ever took it..needed it worse. And that whom ever that was....has no other ulterior motive except escaping something or someone.

    And your word.
    Your word is good.

    Really good!

    I have a word too.

    I will be posting about is soon.

    I need it to roll around in me a bit, first.

    Happy New Year!

    May we all move together as one body....


  3. How beautiful my friend! I *love* this post. You are precious!

    I am so sorry about your car being stolen. I will pray that the LORD will protect you all and return the car safely back to you. You are right...the LORD IS enough!! Hang in there. Lean on HIM. REST in HIS perfect plans. Psalm 91.

    MUCH Love,

  4. I love this post, Jenn. I think I'm inspired - or in other words... you've moved me. ;) I'll be thinking of you... and praying for you.

    That is "crazy" about your car. Of all the cars in the parking lot, yours?

    I was home from church yesterday, as well...due to little ones being sick. Blessings to your home from ours. Well-Blessings!!

  5. Oh my! I am so sorry to hear about your car. I surely hope that works out ok. I can't even imagine. I am hoping to move more this year as well. I personally need to read his word more. :)

  6. Great post Jenn! Very thought provoking. I definitely want to MOVE in 2012!

  7. Thanks for sharing your heart. God will move with an open heart. His plans are always bigger than ours.

  8. I hope your car is okay!! What a wonderful post about movement. Really enjoyed this!!!!

  9. I am sorry about your car. I want to move too. Sometimes living happily with no trouble in life is not what we are determined to be. We ought to be joyful even in the middle of the problem because God is enough and right on time. I learn a lot about this last years and I want to learn more in the next year.

    Thank you for the message.

  10. Move...what a wonderful word to go with your beautiful post filled with meanin' and inspiration.

    Yep sister, I for one am ready to charge!!! Woohoo!!

    Thank you so much for this challenge into 2012.

    God bless and have a beautiful New Year sweetie!!!

  11. This makes me want to jump up and shout YES! I'm ready to get up and get going! Let's move!!! :)
    Blessings to you in this new year!

  12. alrighty.

    so I'm inspired.

    I'm getting up and getting some things done:)

  13. This was great Jenn! I know the feeling - wanting to stay holed up in my home. God calls us women to be caretakers of the home and this is our primary ministry, but you are so right! We just can't hide this Light in our homes!

    Good words, good thoughts. Giving me some stuff to think about.


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