Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Few Winter Raindrops

It’s picture time again!  I was thrilled to be able to get out a couple times this week and capture some beautiful, nature shots. However, my fingers, nose, toes protested just a bit to the cold.  The beauty I was able to capture took my breath away.  When I’m out taking pictures, I feel so close to God.  His glorious majesty is all around me and it is during those moments my heart and soul worship Him.

This weeks Scavenger Hunt Items:  Sunset, Black & White, A Day in My Life, Four, Colorful



This particular evening I was in the middle of dinner preparation and just happened to glance out the window. I ran to my room grabbed my camera, threw on my crocs and a heavy flannel shirt and flew out the door.  I raced across the frozen ground twisting my ankle only once and almost losing my shoes a few times.  I half walked/jogged a funny pace with my toes curled to keep my shoes on, trying to beat the retreating sun.  I finally got past the tree line and to the field where I could capture some of the fleeting beauty.



Black & White

The other morning my son rushed in from doing my chores to tell me to grab my camera, because there were some raindrops I would probably want to capture. Oh Boy, was he right! He came along with me to be my guide. I loved having him with me pointing out all the great photo opportunities.  He has such a good eye for spotting things that for most people would just blend in.



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A Day in My Life

Tea blankets spread all around the living room ready for an impromptu tea party. (Plus I wanted to get a picture of her wearing the hat I had made her for Christmas.) A VERY daily event at our house!




I promise I didn’t eat all of those….just a couple!





This clump of rose hips was one of my son’s finds. He spotted them hiding out in a clump of vines and trees. PERFECT, is what I think!

rose hips and water droplets



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  1. How lovely that your son enjoys your love of photography. Wonderful photos and your daughter's eyes are gorgeous!!

  2. Haha love the Four shot! And the rain!

  3. Wow! All so good. Love the Hello Kitty hat. I know one little girl who would be a tad jealous :)

  4. Woohoo...a camera giveaway??? Thanks for the heads up sweetie.

    What a marvelous eye you have and talent to go with you.

    Girl, your photos totally rock!

    I adore the pic of your little Blue Eyes in that precious hat. Too cute!!!

    God bless ya Hon and have a delightful weekend!!! :o)

  5. Beuatiful photos my friend! Emma is here and enjoyed the photo of your little Miss. :) Great job on the hat. Too cute.

    Love to you!

  6. it's good as always:)
    happy weekend!!!

  7. Beautiful, beatiful photos and words :)

  8. These are fantastic! My favourite set of the bunch. :)

  9. All great photos, I can't even try to pick a favorite! :)

  10. Your sunset and rain drops are amazing! Also kudos on that adorable hat (and child!)

  11. gorgeous - love capturing nature in her element!

  12. Oh these are fantastic - always love your work!

  13. I noticed all those cookies were gone, but no one drank their milk! Tsk tsk! :o)

  14. I LOVE all of these shots! The first ones were my favorite, and then they all won! Nice set.

  15. A photo hunt with your son sounds just to awesome!

  16. Beautiful photos, beautiful girl, and what a lovely talent for making that hat.

  17. 1. LOVE LOVE your b&w. So crisp.

    2. Hahah! I so know what you mean about those last magical rays of light. I'm usually at my kitchen sink just twitching while I watch the light fade, wishing I could race outside.

    3. What a blessing to have your son come find you with a surprise opportunity like that!


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