Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Peaceful Kind of Quiet

winter sunset-w

It’s been quiet around here lately. A good take a deep breath, hold for a second, exhale, peaceful kind of quiet. I haven’t done much blogging or picture taking, and it actually feels good. Why I get so bunched up about posting, I don’t know. This time of not caving into pressures of my own making has been good for me. 

Light bulb moment.

My world does not center around what I write or don’t write. It doesn’t center around who comments and who doesn’t. Blogging does not need to be a vicious circle for me.  I don’t need to scramble to come up with awesome, amazing posts so that I can have hordes of followers and many comments. 

I just have to write my heart.

And if that means for a season my blog is quite then its okay.  If that means I shout out God’s workings in my life with a boldness that shocks people or offends, it will be goodness for the sake of the Savior I serve.  If it means that people get bored with what I am writing then so be it.

This blog is not for entertaining it is for the spilling and growing of my heart.



Honestly, if God wants people to read my blog, He will bring them. 

I don’t need to impress. I just need to be me, sharing God’s light with all that is within me.


snowy pond


Deep breath in, hold, exhale slow and steady.


God is in me. Moving. Teaching. Leading. Where He leads I will follow.

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.         Isa. 26:3


  1. Love these photos...

    You have such a gift. You know it?

    Thanks for being YOU - you're the best!

  2. the reason why you blog is a good one.

    praising God for your car!!!

    love the snow pics,
    they are swooning me away...

  3. I also get as you put it, bunched up about posting! But am also getting better about that,I post when I'm ready and not before! I find I enjoy blogging more now than when I thought my blogging and posting was written in I will,God willing, continue writing when I want to. Blessings jane

  4. Bored here...never girl, ya don't even need words 'cause I could just sit in amazement of your wonderful photos all day!!!

    Your words always speak to my heart and much of the time it's just what I need for that day.

    Good for you just takin' the time with God ya need. We need to do that for ourselves and God.

    Have a blessed cozy kinda of day sweetie. :o)

  5. I can just smell the fresh air in that last picture!!! I love the way everything feels and smells after a big snow!

    Oh, and am I the only person who finds it ironic that your car was stolen from a church and then returned to a different one? Strange. But I'm glad you got it back!

  6. That is an awesome point. I totally agree. :) I would love for you to participate in my getting to know you post if you can find the time. :) Here is the link.

  7. your posts are such a breath of fresh air for me! love this one! that is how I feel too!

  8. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    Amen. Amen. Amen.

  9. I do miss your posting, but I get "it". There are a few pressures in my life that are of my own choosing as well. Things that are not bad, in and of themselves, but that I end up obsessing over because of my own self imposed expectations. Thanks for the reminder that it's ok to step back for awhile.

  10. Your images are always amazing. Glad you're just being you!!!

  11. You are precious my friend. I am *SO* with you in this post! I *hear* your heart. It is beautiful.

    MUCH Love,
    Camille XO

  12. You have written exactly what God is teaching me, too. We have to be living the lives we were given. Blogging should be fun, not a chore. I've been backing off, too. I want blogging to be fun, not one more thing to do on my list! Hugs to you, Jackie

  13. What a wonderful post! Your photos are amazing!! I also really enjoyed this blog, I get wrapped up in an 'online personna' very easily... I guess that's easy to do when you are a stay at home mommy who needs social interaction lol.. but its a nice thought to sit back and just enjoy the wonderful life that God has given you.. to be able to use your talents the way he intended... congrats on this peaceful feeling, its one that many don't have for years and years! But I do enjoy your blogs, AND your photography :)

  14. Hello :)

    I found you through my firned Camille and I have to tell you that this is a wonderful post!!! So right on. I often think about that with my blog but all that matters is if it is fro the heart and gives glory to my Savior.

    Your photos are just stunning! I love the Juniper (or is it cedar) photo.

    Isaiah 26:3 is also one of my favorite verses :)

    Have a blessed day!


    PS I am having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to stop by :)

  15. I like Jackie's comment (I know she's my sis, but it was good ;)! )

    I have learned this lesson the hard way. I love having a balanced approach to blogging. Not having more pressure on me is a good thing. If I stick to my mission, which is "glorifying God and sharing what He is doing in my life and those many ah ha moments" I will be just fine.

    It's not about the number of followers. How accurate are they anyway? It's not about the comments, may the Lord bless the busy moms that read but don't have time to comment!

    It is all good when it is God's.

    Great post and you do a wonderful job keeping it real and sharing your heart.

    Love ya!


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