Wednesday, January 25, 2012


As of today at 11:34 am, I will have two teenagers in my home.  WHOA!

Back in my younger days I thought these days would be at least a smidgen of an eternity away. NOT SO!

Here I am. Here we are. Hurtling head long into the teenage years. Seriously, I don’t know if I’m old enough for this! But, here it is anyway and so today I must tell you about the newest teen in our family.


leaf play-5-w

This boy here, he’s made his presence know from the very moment he was born!  He is full of life and enough energy to run electricity for a small village (at least)!


J and coffee j and coffee-2 j and coffee-3


He is goofy and funny and just plain makes me laugh!


DSC_0319 (Yes, this is my super hero decked out in underwear…and yes, he said I could put this on my blog!)


He is the master of imagination…

                       DSC_0274 DSC_0793


A mighty hunter.


A young man with a heart of gold.  And a heart for God.

leaf play-3-w

This boy who in ten minutes will begin a new journey steals my heart with his lightly freckled nose, his ocean deep brown eyes, the bounce in his step, and his never see them coming hugs!  He is a true Tigger!


J, I love you with an everlasting love. You are a light in this household.  An absolute blessing to your dad and me. Never lose your joy in life. Hold on to your smile and laughter. God has given you the ability to find the positives in all situations and He has given you the drive to keep on keeping on. True blessings indeed. 

You have my heart!


Lord, I give my boy, my bouncing, smiling, laughing, joking, full of life son, over to you! He is your beautiful creation and I thank you for this precious gift! Fill him Lord with your presence. May he always serve you!


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday, J!!! A teen! I LOVE all your pictures of him...actually laughed out loud at the superhero outfit and pose. He is a true joy!

  2. Happy Birthday J - you're mamma loves you. That's easy to see.

  3. Woohoo, Happy~Happy birthday 'J'!!! Have the best day ever!!!

    Sweetie, you can just tell he is a joy to be around! Oh, that happy face is just priceless!

    God bless and have a fun time celebratin' the life of this fine bouncin', smilin', laughin', jokin',
    full of life son!!! :o)

  4. He is so much fun!!!! I love it when kids are full of that happy energy. It's contagious!!! :o) Happy birthday to J!

  5. what a handsome lad! two teenagers, huh?
    you CAN do it! you will find the Lord to be
    your refuge and your strength as never
    before. if life gets tough, remember that
    they are your children now, your friends

  6. Happy Birthday to a well-loved child...ehh teenager. He looks like he keeps you smiling.

  7. These pictures made me laugh, they are adorable!!!

  8. well,
    by the looks of all these fun photos, I can tell this boy is the life of the party:)

    happy birthday!
    and thank you for letting your mama share these photos;-)
    they are great!!!

  9. I'm sure that being a mom of a teen is at least a hundred years away for me. ;)

    Happy Birthday to this awesome guy. Love that photo of him laughing!

  10. Hahaa loved the pictures! Especially the one where sis is channeling some Matrix. Happy Birthday Sweet 13 year old!

  11. What beautiful children you have! And I think momma loves them very much! ;)
    Enjoy them. I thought the teen years would never come and now one of mine is in his 20's and the other is in his last teen year. It goes so fast!

  12. I think your son and my son would get along great!

  13. Happy (belated) birthday to your second 'teen! And these years are GREAT (this year will mark the one in which we have THREE teenagers in our home)...I speak from *some* experience. LOL! How precious that your children have YOU Jenn! You are blessing to your family. :)


  14. That boy of yours....oh boy! All boy! Hold on mama!
    Loved the pictures!!!
    Happy late Birthday!


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