Thursday, March 22, 2012

If Hanging Out Laundry Makes Me Crazy….

Well, then call me CRAZY!



About a week ago I was telling some ladies how I was happy that I had been able to hang 5 loads of laundry on the line that day.  One of my friends leaned over to another lady and said, “Is she feeling okay?!” 

I laughed because I knew she was just joking.  Not everyone is a laundry hanging fiend.  But, I am! 

I love how it gets me outside for 5-10 minutes in little spurts through out a busy day.

I love how the sun shines on my face and how the birds soothe my mind with their singing.

I love how when I’m out there pinning up the clothes, towels and sheets, God sends peace and quiet reassurance to my soul.

I love how laundry fresh off the line smells. I can bury my face in it, smelling fresh, clean air and warm, comforting sunshine.

Hanging up laundry, a blessing?  You bet.

I know all about the benefits that can be listed of hanging up laundry like using less electricity and thus saving money and helping make a healthier earth.

But, honestly those aren’t the biggest pull for me.  I do like the knowledge that I am lowering our electric bill and in return helping to reduce our bills.

But, that isn’t the main reason I do it.

I do it to feel closer to God. It’s in those moments I can savor the nearness of God. My God who comforts me, strengthens me, guides me and blesses me.

My God who meets me at the clothes line! He likes me being crazy like that!


  1. I agree with you whole heartedly!

  2. Oh I'm the same way Jenn! I *love* me clothesline...and not for the money-saving reason either (although, it IS nice to save $$)'s just got SO many other wonderful things about it. :)

    Happy day to you!

  3. I too am so thankful for those few minutes outside hanging the clothes and taking them in! a blessing indeed.

  4. I was just thinking along these same "crazy lines" this morning as I hung a few of my big baby girly clothes...

    You put it down so nicely. Love this!!

  5. It's little thigs like that when He feels so close! Love this post!

  6. I agree with you! One day I want a clothes line! :)

  7. You have a very inspiring attitude towards laundry.

  8. AMEN, sister!!
    You are speaking my laundry love language...


  9. I grew up with a clothesline but never had one on the Ponderosa. I do keep my prayer list on the dryer and pray as I fold.

    What can I say...I'm a multitasker! Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless and have an awesome day sweetie!!! :o)

  10. In so many crazy ways...


    I couldn't agree more!!!

  11. I've been trying to get Cory to put a clothesline up for me for over a month. For me, it brings back such good memories of helping my Mawmaw hang clothes on the line. I'd stand there and dutifully hand her pin after pin. Then when the clothes were ready to come down, she'd hand them all back to me. I love the convenience of my electric dryer, but sometimes I just want to be able to hang my clothes out just like she did.

  12. Amen, sister! I miss my clothesline horribly during the winter for all of those reasons. This unseasonably warm weather has been such a blessing in the early return of my clothesline too!


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