Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Remembering my Memories


January came in snowy and blowy. It was perfect for sledding, cold cheeks, and hot cocoa. I know not everyone enjoys winter, but I most definitely do. I love that where I live we get four distinct seasons. It keeps things lively and you just never know what your gonna get!  It always puts a smile on my face to watch my kids go sledding. I remember when my sisters and I would spend hours out in the snow.  We would make a couple of tracks and then go down them again and again, making them icy fast. I’m sure we went at least 60 mph and the G forces were impressive! We nick named the hill at the front of our house su*cide hill. It was steep, super fast and ended with a bunch of swamp brush that was so thick it would launch you off the sled if you didn’t dive off before impact.

These days I live on the edge by watching my children from the window with a steaming cup of coffee in my hand!

Sledding 2012

February came cold and not much happened. It’s usually that way. It’s the sort of month when you have finally had enough of winter and all you can think of is spring. Enough of the dull and hurry up with the color.  I actually did a photo shoot in February for a senior in my home. That was interesting!  I’ll have to post about it at some point.  I took the photo below on the day of the shoot. I needed to check my white balance and set up my speed light. So of course I needed a model. Thankfully she most often is very willing to do this for me!



February was also the month of  her first lost tooth. The night it came out she was fussing because it hurt. I looked at it and it was barely hanging on.  I told her to grab me some tissues.  She did but she was starting to get a bit panicked she did not want me to pull it out. I reassured her I was just going to see how loose it was.  I got a hold of it with the tissue gave a minute tug and out it popped. Her tears turned to amazement and unbelief. Too funny!


first missing tooth-w


March, oh March…it came in warm, hot even. Eighty degree days! Unbelievable. We broke temperature records. When its summer in the winter who can resist puddle jumping and stream exploring.  Mud and smiles have been worn with regularity. Frogs are peeping, bugs are emerging, and flowers are blooming.  We are soaking up all this glorious sun and inhaling deeply all the fresh spring scent we can hold. It’s a wonderful, perfect gift!






Three months into the new year and I’d say we’re making some pretty good memories!


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******these aren’t necessarily my favorite pictures of my children from the past three months, but they definitely are some of my favorite memories.


  1. ....and some spectacular pictures. It always help to have some great subjects!!!

    Awwwww, she lost her first tooth, what a sweet pic!

    God bless ya and have a delightful day makin' memories sweetie!!! :o)

  2. These are great - I'm loving that 4th shot.

  3. I love your memories and the dialogue was wonderful. Thanks for sharing your kiddos with us.

  4. Love the 'studio picture' and the one where she wears the skirt with rainboots. Just love that combination!

  5. These are all beautiful captures. I love your perspective on the first shot; and absolutely love the second to last shot!

  6. Love those floral rain boots in the muddy puddle!

  7. Well, you are really good at capturing memories!

  8. I like having the four seasons, too! Ours might not be as drastically different as yours, but they are still more distinct than what we had in Florida. :o)

    The tooth story made me smile. That's about the same way Lexie's first tooth went, too. I kind of miss the missing teeth days. They make awfully cute pictures...

  9. I agree - your short entry into 2012 has produced some fabulous memories. Happy to have found you through amazing Amber's blog.

  10. Fantastic pictures and adorable children. The first one has to be my favorite ♥ I'm in love with this quarterly top 5 challenge ;)

  11. What great memories and lovely pictures.

  12. Great recap! I need to do something like that to brush the dust off my poor old blog!

  13. Really great shots. Love that first one!


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