Wednesday, January 26, 2011

God’s Beauty


Just had to post another bird picture!  I’m loving all the lovely winter photos I’ve had the opportunity to take lately.

I’m At The Well today. Here is an excerpt from my most recent article head on over to The Well to read more…

Shiny and boisterous, warm and inviting, vivid and lively, functional and sturdy, the buttons from my jar pour out across the table.  I run my hand lightly over them, scoop up a handful and let them filter through my fingers.  They bounce back into the pile of light and bright, dark and muted.  The variety scattered across my table brings beauty and completeness.


  1. Sweetie, the pictures just keep gettin' better and better!!!

    Enjoy your day and may it be richly blessed!!!

  2. I love your website! We have 6 red cardinals at our backyard feeder in a beautiful snow and I cannot seem to get a picture of them. Every time I put the camera up they fly away. You captured the cardinal beautifully! Would love for you to visit me at We have a lot in common! :)

  3. Heading over there right now... ;)

  4. Hi, Jenn~
    That is a beautiful picture of the cardinal in the snow.
    They're always stopping by my bird feeder, especially when it snows. :)

  5. Gorgeous photo Jenn! I cannot visit the Well just now...but the beginning of your post sounds lovely. :)

    Have a great day!

  6. So vibrant! Just love how cardinals add a bright spot to winter!

  7. I'm new at this. I didn't know if you would see my response to you on my blog, so here I am. Just wanted to thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment. My husband took the picture of the bird. He is a photographer on the side and also has his own website/blog. You can find him by going into my blog profile and hitting the button, Beyond the Campfire. He also loves the outdoors and loves to photograph. Thank you again for coming to my site!


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