Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simply Saturday


It’s Saturday!

Breathe in, Breathe out!  Can’t you feel it! The simplicity of an unrushed day!  I’m cherishing this day.  Mmmm-Hmmmm!

My praise and worship music is playing and I’m singing right along as I do my housework and prepare for a birthday party for my middle son.

We’ll be celebrating 12 years tonight.  He’s super excited and I love to see the joy in his eyes.

On this Saturday I’m focusing on simplicity. 

icicle icicle-1

There’s untold beauty in it!


I’m tossing around starting a Saturday theme called Simply Saturday. It would focus on a picture you have taken of something in or around your home that speaks to you of home and simplicity (all photography levels welcome).  It could be as wordy as you want it or wordless.  What do you think?  Would you participate or not? 

Also if you are interested I’ve added more to my Etsy shop.  Take a look….

hyacinth and bee-8x10 rose hips-ice crystals 8x10 Lk Superior

Two more 8x10’s and an inspirational 5x7 (minus the watermark, of course!).

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Your pictures are just magnificent sweetie. I adore those icicles.

    Here's sendin' your Middle Man Child a very happy birthday wish. Give him a big old 'country' squeeze.

    God bless and enjoy the celebration and this weekend sweetie!!!

  2. Simply Saturday.

    I like it.

    I would LOVE to join in. During the weekends I am like you in that it's peacful and reaxing. After a week of school I am sooo ready for that break.

    Do I post and link back to here?

  3. Yes! I would love to participate - maybe I'll have to change the name of my Saturday posts to "fit in" - and, you'll have to help me figure out the linky thingy and are you going to come up with a button??

    Love your icicles...

  4. I would participate in something like that!

    Your Saturday is just the best kind of Saturday! I'm actually having one today too. I'm sitting at my computer, looking at the snow-filled world outside and watching the rest of my family try and build a fire in the firepit in the backyard. Silly people! : )

  5. Hope you have a great birthday celebration! Enjoy your simple Saturday!

  6. It sounds wonderful! I would join in as time allowed me, We so love our lazy Saturdays.
    Happy Birthday to you little man, have a great night celebrating his life!

  7. Okay, ladies! I'll come up with a button and we'll have the first Simply Saturday next Saturday.

  8. this will be lots of fun! i'm not a photographer
    but sure enjoy looking.

  9. beautiful pics! I especially love the bee one! but all of them are beautiful! :) You have such a wonderful talent for capturing God's creation. What kind of camera do you have?

  10. Hey Jenn love the Simply Saturday theme and ties in with my blog name, hehe! Glad you put the disclaimer that all photography levels welcome because I'm at the bottom of the totem pole in that area!

    I hope you a great birthday celebration for your boy!

  11. What a fun idea Jenn!

    Your young man is blessed to have you as his Mama...enjoy your celebrating. :)

    Many blessings,

  12. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the idea of Simply Saturday too! I have so many photos I could use already! (would have to prepost though as I never get near the computer on Sat).
    I hope your son has a very Happy Birthday - I also enjoy having music playing while I work!
    Have a wonderful day


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