Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow, Gingerbread and Life


It’s been snowing these past two days.  I am so thankful for the fresh, pure, white that is covering the ground.  The contrast to the drab browns and grays does my heart good.  And who wouldn’t be happy about all the sledding, fort building and snow ball fights that can take place in a winter wonderland!

sis-winter-4 DSC_0158 DSC_0165

I mean really what would there be to cry about on such a fine winter day?


It’s not like her mother was forcing asking her nicely for a cute winter photo shoot!  She did not comply.  WAAAAA!

So, I took to finding pictures else where.

pine tree icecicle goldfinch-2

Less combat from these photo subjects suited me just fine!


On a completely different note, we are going to make Gingerbread men and a Gingerbread Daniel Boone and a Gingerbread Snow White today.  Yah, it could be an interesting decorating session with a couple of my children.  I’m looking forward to seeing that Daniel Boone gingerbread man and little sis is already asking me how we’re going to make a yellow skirt for Snow White…oh dear!

Normally this cookie baking fest would have taken place around Christmas, but with sickness in the house, this momma couldn’t stomach the idea of making cookies.  I thought maybe I could just slip this in the file for next Christmas, but OH NO, nothing doin’ we gotta make those cookies.

So today we bake.

Have I ever told you…I love Fridays! (Maybe just a time or two, huh?) It is a more laid back day of schooling for us.  We do the bulk of our work Monday-Thursday and then on Friday we focus on finishing up science, reading and history.  Today my children decided to do a bunch of science experiments just for fun.  How can I object!  Learn away my dear children, learn away!


And that is that…a peek into my life in the snow, gingerbread dough and school.


  1. Have lots of fun with your baking and decorating!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Fridays are our laid back day as well. Only 3 books on Fridays. Enjoy your weekend and God bless.

  3. We are having the prettiest flurries right now. I hope it covers the ground!

    I'd love to see how you gingerbread men/lady turn out!

  4. I do believe ya'll are havin' the perfect snowday. Your pictures are just wonderful sweetie.

    God bless ya and have an awesome weekend sweetie!!!

  5. Oh, I want that snow! Tell it to come my way:)

    Such great shots of the children in the snow. I love Friday's too for sooo many reason!

    Enjoy your friday night and weekend friend!

  6. Love your photos! As always! And what an adorable picture of your little girl! :) Sometimes it's the ones we weren't trying for that are the cutest. Our molasses still sits in the pantry. LOL My kids didn't complain about waiting...who am I to??
    You give me hope that when Nathan and Haley get a little older....there might be some order to our homeschooling. Right now? I just try to get SOMEthing done each day.

  7. How fun! Great photos...(of course)...a joy to read! Happy Weekend to you my friend!


  8. Great pictures!!!! Beautiful kids!!! I love white,pure snow! We rarely get it though.

    We made a Gingerbread House and it was fun! It was our first.

  9. Today it snowed in Asheville, North Carolina where I live. Anna Grace and I made chocolate chip cookies and played in the snow. I think baking cookies on a snowy day is one of my (and hers) favorite things to do. Enjoy the slow pace snow brings to your life.


  10. Your pictures are just always so beautiful. I love them. And OH how I wish it were warm enough here to BE outside. :)

  11. Great snow pictures. If the weather man is correct we will start getting some tonight. 6-9 inches, which is alot for this part of the country.

  12. I just love the photos you posted. So cute!

  13. Lovin' your snow photos, my friend. So fun. Is there anything better than snuggling up for a relaxed homeschool day? Love it all. :)


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