Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twelve! How Can It Be?

J-3 J-1 J-2

You, my little spit fire, are growing up. My boy. My love. Energy encapsulated.

In your eyes shines a joy for life. You are imagination and play wrapped into a high bouncing ball. Always ready for the next adventure.

You are my tender soul, with a heart ready to gush with love and affection. In you I see a desire to soften life’s blows for those you love.


You are tough and tumble.  You are vibrant and alive.  You are strong and tenacious.

You are hugs and kisses.  You are snuggles in the quiet moments. You aren’t ashamed of climbing into my lap for some mom and boy time and for that I am forever grateful.

You ARE mine and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that God gave you to me. My heart is bursting today with the love I store there for you.

jacob  DSC_0652 jandsis-3

Another year is ahead of you and I know you will do much with it.  Play, love, learn, grow I’ll be right here cheering you on.  My hand in yours, my heart fully for you.

I LOVE you, my handsome boy!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to your very handsome young man there. Twelve is a great age.

    I have a thirteen year old grandson who will still sit in my lap...I tell him we're gonna have to trade places one of these days and he just hugs me! Melts my heart!

    God bless and enjoy this day of celebration of this wonderful fella!!! :o)

  2. Happy Birthday to your boy!! Such sweet photos!!

  3. My boys would never climb in my lap for hugs and kisses. I have to steal them if I want a hug. You are so lucky.

  4. Oh Jenn, you almost have a little man. What a lovely post. Your such sweet mama;)

  5. Happy Birthday to your son!! I'm sure age 12 will be a fun age! I have a 10 year old and am amazed how fast it goes! I really enjoyed your post and photos!!

  6. My boys are very affectionate; my oldest is 22 and my baby is 11. Your little guy is adorable!

  7. He has such a sweet, sweet heart and personality. And that sparkle in his eyes is so beautiful. Hope he had a happy birthday! I'll call him tomorrow.

  8. Precious, precious post Jenn! Happy Birthday to your young man! :)

    Many blessings,

  9. Beautiful pictures and such a handsome young man. Happy birthday to him. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. I have to tell you, 12 is probably my favorite age so far. My oldest is twelve and I don't think I have ever enjoyed him as much as I have this year. Still connected to me, yet wanting to grow up too. It is a good age!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


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