Monday, January 24, 2011

A Pure Covering

It’s snowing today.

Lots of great, big, fluffy flakes. Falling, swirling, floating, drifting.

Covering, hiding and transforming the world out my windows.


cardinalgold finches

I love the snow! I couldn’t imagine living where the winters are snow free. It speaks to my heart of a cover of purity.  Of a surrounding cleanliness.

Brightening, cleansing, covering.

Just as Jesus does for me and for you.

It reminds me I am forgiven. And not just once, but often, always and forever!

Yes, the snow is a blessed reminder of how Loved I am by my Savior.

“Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” Psalm 51:7b


This Saturday will begin the new meme of Simply Saturday here on my blog.


If you would like to join in, take a picture in or around your home that speaks to you of simplicity or of the joy of home.  Any level of photographer is welcome! Then on Saturday come here and link up your post! If you look on the side bar I have created a button, feel free to grab that and add it to your blog sidebar or Saturday post. I’m looking forward to seeing what speaks to you of home and simplicity!


  1. We had some big white fluffy flakes here too! So beautiful to see them meandering down from the sky.

    I would love to join up for Simply Saturday. Perhaps every now and then I will :)

  2. you are probably one of the first bloggy friends i've come across that 'enjoys' the snow. i'd love to give 'living' in snow a try?? ;) beautiful pictures!

  3. What a beautiful professional lookin' photo of the sweet little yellow finches! Ya know how I feel about snow but it is pretty to just sit back and look at.

    I love the analogy of the snow compared to our Savior. Great post sweetie!!!

    God bless and have a beautifully warm and cozy day!!! :o)

  4. Me too! I LOVE the snow! I am actually distinctly happy on days that it is snowing. Last week we turned the dining room table to face the window so we could all watch the snow falling down during school. Who could fathom going downstairs in a room with no windows on a day it is snowing!!

  5. Ladies, isn't home education fun! :) I just love it! And Jenn, your pictures are just beautiful!

  6. Oh snow is sooo pretty...I *love* how it makes everything clean and reminds me of the LORD's cleansing of HIS people too! :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Beautiful photographs!


  8. One of my favorite things is feeding the birds in the winter. I just love the little Cardinals hopping around in the snow. Love your photos.

  9. I'm so thankful to read others post with snow photos. Oh how we would luv to see more snow. For the time I will live it through you;)

    You can count me in mama for Simply Saturday! I'm looking forward to it:)

  10. Beautiful pictures! I have always thought of snow as God's way of making everything beautiful. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  11. You're right!! We were (once again) thinking along the same lines...

    You say it much "cleaner"...

  12. I love freshly fallen snow, too. Wish we would get more! Hope our winter isn't over. It has been awfully warm around here lately.


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