Friday, January 2, 2009

Because Its Been Dull Around Here...

Today we had an incident.  A kamikaze Goldfinch flew into our sliding glass door.  It hit with tremendous force and knocked itself silly.  We couldn't just let it sit there loopy and all. So, we got a box and carefully put him inside.

   I folded down the flaps of the box 100_4189and placed a book on top to insure that our feathered friend wouldn't be making any daring escapes.  I checked on him occasionally through the crack in the top to make sure he was still alive.  He gradually seemed to make improvements.  I was innocently reading some blogs when Isaac started talking to me, telling me something about the bird looks better.  He's blinking his eyes.  He's moving his wings.  I said something like, "Uh-huh."




There was a bird flying over my head!  I remember saying not too calmly, "Oh, Isaac, what did you do?"  It was chaotic and comical in our house for a good ten minutes as the little fella flitted from room to room leaving little feathers on the ceiling where he kept bumping his head.  Lauren set to wailing every time he would fly anywhere near where she was sitting. So, between the laughter from the boys, Lauren's sheer terror and four of us running back and forth trailing a bird, it made for an interesting scene.

Every once in awhile he would alight on something and I would climb on a chair to try to snatch him, only for him to fly away when I got too close.


The boys got in a good laugh when he landed in the Christmas tree.  It was a good thing Jacob saw him when he landed because none of the rest of us could see him.  I moved in slowly and was finally able to get my hands on the little guy.

I showed Lauren that he wasn't going to hurt her, but I'm not to sure she believed me.  She'll probably be scarred for life!


The boys stroked his head a couple of times and then we let him go. I'm sure he was glad to be free, after that fiasco.




This is all Isaac could say about it!


  1. Jenn!! What a beautiful bird! :)

    The kamikaze statement had me rolling tho! hee hee Too funny.

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. ((laughs)) how funny! and lol @ the last picture too! I'm glad the bird was ok!! Once I had a rattle inside the dryer's pipe that scared me to death & when I had the guts to peer in, a bird flew out and I screamed the living daylights outta myself. You just made me remember that ;)

    Glad the kids had a fun experience!

  3. what a brave lil'fellow..

    glad it ended well.

  4. What a cute little bird! I am usually afraid of birds, because I know people who have been attacked by them...but he's a cutie!

  5. How hilarious!! Perhaps it was drawn to the birds on your blog? LOL Lame joke I know but I couldn't resist! Thanks for putting a smile on my face tonight :D

  6. I am so sure the boys just enjoyed that the pieces... I know our boys would have thought that was a neat adventure.. I remember as a child when we had one get in our fireplace and had to guide it back out the door..

  7. The bird is just to cute. At least the little guy just left feathers behind him. ;) I always feel so bad for the little guys when they run into glass doors and windows...mostly because I know how they feel. :)

  8. OK, now that's funny! Glad you rescued him, and I'd call that a fun little up CLOSE nature study. ;-D

  9. Oh my! I have had a bad bird experience, so I probably would have screamed as the little guy spread his wings. He is a beautiful bird though. So sweet of your family to rescue him.

  10. That is hilarious, Jenn! I wouldn't have even known what to do. That last picture sums it all up perfectly. :)

  11. I'm here from Becoming Me's Birthday Bash! Love the dish cloths - but really love the bird story!!

  12. What a sweet bird! I'm glad you were able to help him. It sounds like a fun adventure for your kids! This is my first visit to your blog and it's beautiful! I love the bird photos in your header and the snow is so peaceful. Just wanted to say hi. I found you on Becoming Me's blog.
    Happy New Year

  13. Oh my what an adventure you had right in your own home. So happy the bird is fine. You were quick in all that chaos to think about snapping some pics.

  14. That little bird is adorable and I'm so happy he's ok.

  15. Hey!! I just noticed we have the same identical kitchens cabinets...

  16. What an adventure that must have been!!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway.... good luck!


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