Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh Baby!

It was quiet in the house, too quiet. The kind of quiet that spells trouble, especially when it involves a two-year-old. I snuck down the hallway to see what form of mischieviousness Lauren could be up to, but this is what I found...


She was chattering away to her baby about going shopping and visiting Grandma. Then she would change her tone and ask her baby if she was sick. I was soon beckoned to join the party. So, I sat down and sipped "tea", fed the baby, rocked the baby and wiped the baby's nose. Her imagination is starting to blossom! I love listening to her conversations with her babies. Or watching her dance slow circles around her bedroom as she listens to her favorite CD. I hope I can always remember this precious stage in her life.


  1. How CUUTTTEEE!! I must admit, I didn't know we BOTH had two year olds until I read this post. How neat!!

    I know what you mean, when the house is quiet.. I usually turn to my husband and say, "The house is too peaceful, uh oh, what is Cody doing this time?"

    Sadly, my son usually doesn't have teatime with his doll. You'll find him going through mommy's dresser and spraying perfume all over the floor. The joys of having a monkey boy!!

    P.S. I made some guesses about YOU on my previous blog, let me know if I'm even close LOL

  2. quiet usually does spell trouble, doesn't it? but, how cute!!

    ok, totally random question...but i noticed the fan in the background. do you all sleep with fans on?

  3. How precious!

    My niece writes things like this down, so she won't forget them later on.

  4. And it just gets better and better..my dd informed her brothers and daddy tonight that "she" was going to a baby shower with momma and that boys could not go..because her words were "your not a girl and only girls get to have babies"..as she bats her lashes.

    Our girls will have a special bond with us..if we as there mothers stop and have "tea" with them every now and then..good for you!

  5. Aww, your little girl looks so darling! I know what you mean that whenever it gets quiet.. we think "uh oh, what are they getting themselves into now?" lol! I caught Brady the other day just talking to himself in his bedroom and when he saw me, he blushed and giggled. So cute!

  6. How precious! What a cutie! It's so fun to listen in when they're in their own little world and think that no one is around. Such a wonderful age!

  7. Ohhhh! This almost made me tear up. I absolutely love this stage in life, where their imaginations take off and you can see their minds working overtime. She is precious.

  8. My little toddler is just starting to hit this phase! I Adore it!! We play pretend everything, including her giving me pretend eggs while I'm cooking ;O)

    God really does bless us with the delightful moments, it helps with the harder needing to train moments :O)


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