Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Brother

This morning my brother, his wife (whom I love as a sister), and their two sons Hudson and Grantham fly out of the United States to serve on a 6 month mission trip in Southeast Asia.  My heart goes with them! I think their commitment to following the Lord's leading is amazing and wonderful.  Their lives will be changed and enhanced by what they see, hear, teach and learn. I am thankful for this.  God is going to do an awesome work in their lives and those whom they come in contact with.  I wish I could do something similar for the Lord, but my calling is here and so, I will be here working as their prayer warrior.

Today is 'Fro Me To You over at Kristen's blog We Are THAT Family. Go check out all the wonderful/hilarious walks down memory lane.

Today I thought I would share some pictures of my baby brother who now towers over me!

matt and me

August 1982, Matt was 20 months old and I was 9.  I took care of him as if he was my own baby.  I even changed his diapers and they were cloth not disposable, people!  I think my mom probably had to beg for her fair share of him since his three sisters tended to be baby hogs!

Since this is the Fro' carnival we must divert from sentimentality to  check out my outfit!  What's up with the black socks! We were on vacation in this picture and maybe mom needed to do the laundry.  Yeah, that's it!  It wasn't my lack of fashion sense!




Hey cowboy/superman your looking fine in your long johns and blue slippers!




Here Matty is with his ukulele and his purple glasses.  Back then it was torture listening to him strum that out of tune instrument. But now when he plays his guitar we all gather around and listen intently. 


june 08 matt-caleb

This picture was taken last summer.  My boys absolutely adore their Uncle Matt and Aunt Heidi.  They always take time to play with the boys.  The boys feel so special and loved by their Aunt and Uncle and this has endeared them to my children.

For MI Family - 047


Here Heidi is getting ready to toss Jacob in the kiddie pool after he soaked her with a bucket of water.




Matt and Heidi

Matt and Heidi,

I love you both of you so much!

My prayer for you is that you will grow and learn abundantly from this trip to serve the Lord. I pray your hearts will be open to the people you meet  and that they will see Christ's love flowing from you. 

God has great plans for you.  I know he will use you in amazing ways. Just keep your eyes on Him!

Hudson and Grantham, 

Your Aunt Jenny loves you with all of her heart! You are so precious to me!  I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses!  Have fun on this grand adventure and I'll see you soon!


  1. What a sweet post! I'm sure he will miss you just as much. :)

  2. Amazing! I pray they are safe! What a great tribute to them!

  3. Aww, what a sweet story and wonderful pictures too! They're doing great things going on that trip! You're also doing great things right where you are!!

  4. Aw, you must be so proud of them! I enjoyed the pictures, once again, they brought a smile to my face. Your 'fro never fails to amuse me :D I will keep your brother's family in my prayers, wow, how exciting!

  5. Wow! I know you are proud of them! We are blessed to have people like them doing God's work in other countries and giving up part of their comforts of home to do so.

  6. How amazing that He's listening to God's calling!

    Hey I wanted to email and talk labor stuff but I can't find your email.

  7. Lovely post.

    Loved all the photos. My 2 daughters treat their little brother the same way....I have to remind them they aren't his Mum, that I am!

    Hugs and prayers for you all.

  8. Such fun memories and I love the first photo. I am almost positive I wore the exact same outfit as you with the SAME sock at some point in my childhood.

    My brother is 7 years younger and he was MINE! He is now in Asia serving in the Navy. I miss him dearly.

    Blessings to your brother and family as they serve the Lord!

  9. Great post. That is an awesome work that they will do. My husband still wears black socks with shorts.

  10. What a beautiful post for your bro and his family. Peace to you and all of yours as your separate!

  11. what a wonderful post - loved your shorts - you all sound like a wonderful family


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