Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm just having one of those weeks when I'm not feeling the creative writing bug.  As an alternative, I'm going to post a bit about what has been happening out here in the country. Random, but none-the-less the happenings of this rural family!

So, as Lauren would say, "Ready- Sick- Go"!

  • We are once again battling colds. I think I need to work on Lauren's pronunciation of the above statement.  It is way to accurate. It does seem to be our mantra for this winter, though.  I want a new one!  Like "No more vomit, no more snot, no more viruses icky rot".

  • I did have fun making Jacob's birthday cake this weekend.  He wanted a Army tank.  After some searching on the Internet. I found some good pictures and a few suggestions.  This is what I came up with.  (Please ignore the old cookie sheet. It has been well used!) I was originally going to crush chocolate sandwich cookies and graham crackers to cover the pan, but the frugal mama in me couldn't see wasting good food in such a manner!


  • I'm feeling the mid-winter schooling slump. BLAH!  As I sit here typing this, I am convicted that I should really be gathering up the troops to start up school.  I always fall into this rut about part way through our school year.  And as any good soldier knows you just have to pull yourself up by your boot straps and carry on!  Excuse me while I go put my boots on.


  • Lauren is now "Sissy" and if you mistakenly call her Lauren she will correct you in no uncertain terms saying, "No, I'm Sissy"! Well, e-x-c-u-s-e me!


  • Our home has been over-run by King Peter, King Edmund and various other characters from the Chronicles of Narnia.  The boys have been rummaging through their dresser drawers looking for the perfect outfits to play this new adventure.  They even went as far as traipsing through the deep snow to find the perfect sticks, which they then made into swords. Not the safest choice of weaponry, but they have had strict rules applied to the use of them.  I'm counting on their superb listening skills and ability to obey. Ha-ha-ha, who am I kidding!


  • Lastly, this verse really spoke to me yesterday when I read it.

You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.  Psalm 18:28

Just what I need when I feel the winter blues coming on!  I know I only need to turn to the Lord and he will keep going. I can just picture him holding up a lantern dispelling all darkness around him.  It's a beautiful picture. I think I'll just step into the light. 


  1. Well, I, for one like random gibberish!

    I hear ya on the mid-year school slumps. Just a few more months, mom!! Hang in there. :o}

  2. I love random! What fun. Had to laugh out loud at your new mantra. You are too funny!

  3. I loved that cake *your so cool*

    I loved that verse..

    I understand those blues..

    And your right to feel this way..winter is the least popular.

  4. Wow, that's one awesome cake. You're talented!!! It seems that all of my family and friends are sick as well, I'm on the couch with my beloved tissue box next to me. A...Ac.Achoo!!

    Better go before I get your blog all sticky, eww! LOL

  5. ahahhaha... this post is really cheered me up. Lol. Thanks for sharing. And I'd be delighted if you give my regards to King Edmund and King peter. Lol.

  6. Whoa, look at that cake! Super creative! What kind of pan did you bake the cakes in? I am assuming you had to cut the shapes out yourself...? Nice!

    Ready - Sick - Go - that's classic! She sounds like she has a mind of her own, doesn't she?! :)

  7. Jackie,

    I just used a 9 x 13 pan and then cut two squares out of the ends and placed them on the top for the turret. Super easy, the way I like it!


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