Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Reason To Love Home schooling

 8:30- Friday Morning:



I woke the boys up and then went around the house opening the shades and straightening up a bit.  When I passed through the sitting room I found the boys enjoying some reading time.  This was totally unprompted. 

I know that this isn't special to home school kids, but what I love about home schooling is that if they want to sit snuggled up in the lazy boy, covered in a quilt, next to their brother or kick back on the couch, at 8:30 in the morning- They Can!  I don't have to stop this self-imposed learning session, because we don't have a strict morning schedule to follow. Now, with that said, I do like to start school at 9:00, but when I find them doing something constructive like this, I don't worry too much about keeping on time.

What really got me excited is that this is the first time that Jacob, who is dyslexic, has ever picked up a book and read on his own! (Top picture, green book)  The book he chose to read is his current reading book. He got so interested in the stories that he finished the book and was hopping around asking for his next book! Praise the Lord- this is such progress! We have had a long, hard struggle. I know its not over and that he has much to learn and overcome, but this is a huge leap for him!

And let me tell you his teacher, well, she's doing a victory dance, too!


  1. Such precious moments:) They just row up tooooooo fast.
    Big hugs, Sandy

  2. Oh, I MISS homeschooling! Well, technically I still homeschool my oldest, but at sixteen she pretty much just does everything in her room with the door shut. I don't have the homeschooling moments that I used to have when all the kiddos were here. Posts like this make me hope I can bring them back home next year! :o)

  3. Love those special mommy moments!

  4. Hear, Hear!!! I love it! :o}

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I rejoice with you! This is really great. Tamerin also sat and "read" a book on her own, but I am afraid, she couldn't really say what it was all about, but we are getting there...! It seems you are really doing a great job with homeschooling!

  6. Oh congrats!! It's thrilling to us as parents when our kids want to study or read on their own time. Sometimes, my son will ask me if he can do some homework. I know we will never hear kids ask that in a regular school system! They're usually saying "enough, no homework!" But we can have our kids enjoy these things and even cuddle next to each other with a blankie while they're doing it! :)

  7. Treasure every minute of it...they grow up sooo fast.

  8. How sweet is that? That has to be a rewarding feeling to know that you have been an intricate part of helping him to enjoy reading. Good job girl and Praise God for an aswered prayer!

  9. Oh, how did I miss this post!

    Doing a victory dance along with you. That is just so great. I can't imagine how your mother's heart must have felt.

    Way to go, Jacob!


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