Saturday, January 31, 2009

Make Your Own Calendar

A few weeks back Kristen from We Are THAT Family held a giveaway.  The prize for the winner was a vinyl calendar that you placed in a frame.  Once in the frame you used a dry erase marker to write the numbers and any information you would need on the glass.  

I loved this idea!

Since I didn't win and I was in desperate need of a calendar, I decided to make one that uses the same concept.

This is what I came up with...

1. On card stock I drew out a basic calendar with a ruler and a black sharpie.


2. Then I removed the cardboard from the back of an old picture frame I had laying around.  To this I stuck on some pretty scrapbook paper.


My cardboard was bigger than my 12 x 12 sheet of paper so I cut some strips of coordinating green card stock.

3.  I took a strip of the green and placed that on my calendar and then on top of that I stuck a strip of the circle paper. I wrote the days of the week across the green strip. Then stuck the calendar on top of the paper covered cardboard.


4. I tucked it all into the frame...


On the glass, in a vis-a-vis pen I added the numbers, the month, all my important information and Ta-Da...

A Calendar





TuesdayPrayerButton3[1] ***I just read that Tuesday a precious two-year-old little girl who had been battling cancer went to Heaven yesterday.  Heather of the EO is giving a dollar, to the family,  for each comment that is left on her post about Tuesday.  Please take the time to post a comment. Then join me and hundreds more, who are praying for Tuesday's family as they grieve over her death, but rejoice that she is safe and pain free in Jesus' arms.


  1. Cute calendar!! You did a great job! How sad about the little girl. May God be with her and her family.

  2. Love your calendar Jenn! Praying for Tuesday's family. She's was not much older than Lydia... it really makes you slow down and give a few more kisses!

  3. GREAT job Jenn!

    I may be taking the idea and using it myself..I should have one visable in my home beside only in my purse.

  4. Good job with the calendar, I really like ie a lot. I like those colors together myself.

    With Pebbles turning two in March I just cried and cried when I read the story about Tuesday. I tried to comment...but I think they stopped at 380! That's a lot.


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