Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tagged for Eight

Bloom Where You Are Planted tagged me for this meme that features 8 answers to each question asked.

Eight Things I Look Forward To...

1. Spring

2. Working in my flower garden

3. Fresh vegetables from the garden (noticing a theme here!).

4. Being back on my feet and able to care for my family.

5. My children learning new things each day.

6. Weekends!

7. Hot coffee with flavored creamer each morning.

8. Visits from my sisters and brother.

Eight Things I Did Yesterday...

Oh boy, this could be difficult. Since I have been on "work release" for the past 5 weeks! I don't know if I can come up with 8 things, but let me see...

1. Crocheted a baby washcloth.

2. Unraveled said baby washcloth, because I didn't like the looks of it (5 times)!

3. Cleaned sink and toilet(on my knees :) in my bathroom. SHHHH- don't tell on me.

4. Folded a couple loads of laundry while laying on my back, no less. I'm getting quite proficient at it!

5. Finished a book I was reading.

6. Started a new book.

7. Watched a Little Bear DVD with Lauren, again and again and again. I'm pretty sure I can quote all 12 episodes word for word!

8. Did a little blog reading. Okay, I did a whole lot of blog reading, but I have to keep entertained some how.

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do ...

1. Sew more than just a few straight seams here and there.

2. Take awesome pictures with one of those fancy pants cameras

3. Play piano proficiently

4. Sing beautifully

5. Give more money to help needy children.

6. Adopt some of those orphaned children.

7. Visit my brother and sister-in-law and two nephews who are on a 6 month missions trip in Southeast Asia.

8. Work in my gardens.

Eight Shows I Watch...

We can't get cable out her in the boondocks and we don't have the dish. Plus with T.V. going digital we only get 2 or 3 stations depending on the day and weather! Here are a couple of things I do like to watch, but aren't "shows" per say.

1. The Waltons

2. Tales From Avonlea

3. Pride and Prejudice

4. Used to love watching Masterpiece Theater on PBS, but can't get a single PBS station now. One of the things I must give up living way out here in the country!

5. Anne of Green Gables

6. Anne of Avonlea

7. Any old movie

8. Anything with a historical/romance type theme

I'm supposed to tag eight other people, but quite a few ladies in my blog "circle" have already done this or been tagged. So, if you want to join in have it at it!


  1. I love Ann of Green Gables, and the rest of the series. It never gets old. Loved your answers!


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