Sunday, April 19, 2009

View From My Recovery Room

For the past four weeks I have spent most of my time in my bedroom. I have found it is the most comfortable spot in the house. Our couches are 16 years old and broken down. They sag just a bit too much and I can't lay on them very long before my back starts hurting.

So, I have spent my days staring at the following items and thought I would share them with you!


This is an antique drying rack, given to me by my mother-in-law, filled with antique linens an old quilt and one very beautiful, blue wall hanging that my sister Marisa made for me. I am hoping to hang it on my living room wall this summer. I have the rod and all, just need to light a fire under my husband! This wall also has antique plates and a tea cup on it. Just a few of my treasures!


To the right of my bed I have baby pictures of my kids to gaze at. These never get boring!


Right underneath the pictures is this wash stand. The boys picked me some pussy willows to help me feel better and my parents bought me an Easter Lily, so I have a touch of spring right in my bedroom. On one side of the stand I have a basket full of yarn and crocheting projects. On the other side is a stack of crochet books and a small sewing basket. Just a few items to keep boredom at bay.


The wall straight across from my bed has this cross stitch wonder. My sister Shelly made this for me and I absolutely love it. It is just like the Sycamore tree up on the hill behind my parents home that everyone in my family loves.


Finally to the left of my bed is a set of double windows and this is part of my view. Where you see the shepherd hook is where my largest flower garden is. Too bad I can't see it when I am lying down in bed. But, I am happy that the birds land on the shepherd hook as they look around for predators before they partake in the birdseed that I have had the boys place out for them.

Well now you know what I have been looking at lately! Some of you have asked how I am doing...well I'll tell ya, I'm hanging in there! On Friday, my doctor said he was pleased with my progress. I can stand for about 10 minutes before my back hurts so bad that I have to lay down. He gave me a good talking to. Telling me that now is the critical period. I have to be really careful not to overdo it, just because I am feeling better. He said if I do something to mess it up now I will be in a world of trouble. So, I am still on work release as Joel puts it! Spending most of my days flat on my back in bed.

Last night Lauren called out for me around 1:00. I climbed into bed with her and waited for her to fall back to sleep. I came back to my bed and as I got in I must have moved wrong, because pain shot down to the back of my knee. This morning I am dealing with constant pain again. Please pray for me. I had to go back on the pain medication. Please pray that I didn't do any major damage. I so desperately want to get well and back to being a momma and wife.


  1. I will continue to pray for your recovery and for patience during your healing!

    I send hugs and lifted spirits your way.

  2. Thanks for the update! I'm glad you have such wonderful things surrounding you. We'll keep praying for you!

  3. I know that staring at the same things all day might get a little old, but I can't think of better things to look at! I am in love with your view out the window...all those trees...oh wow. Trees and grass are two of the things I miss the most about the Midwest.

    Hang in there girl - we will keep on praying for a SPEEDY recovery - but take it easy!

  4. I will also continue to pray for your back-at least your room looks relaxing...
    But you are most likely sick of it anyway after all this time there!

  5. Thank you for sharing. You have some beautiful surroundings. I will pray for you.

  6. Oh no, Jenn! I hope everything is okay with your back! Oh, how I wish I could be there to help you! Call me!

  7. I'm so sorry. This gives great perspective for those of us who get bogged down in the mommy and wife role! If I couldn't do it, it's all I would want to do.

    Prayers for peace and healing,

  8. So sorry. Continue to pray for a healing. Though your view is very nice.


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