Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still Laying Low and A Bit of Randomness

Well, not much has been happening here. How much excitement can one have when she is spending her days in bed? However, the doctor did say I should see more improvement this week. Right now I am feeling a slight improvement. I am able to stand for a couple of minutes at a time. Which may not sound like much, but it is a big improvement from two weeks ago.

Through this whole ordeal I am learning how very blessed I am. Both my parents and Joel's parents have selflessly helped take care of Lauren and Caleb. Not to mention all the laundry they have folded. My church family has kept us fed for the past three weeks and one of our elderly neighbors has made us 3 meals in the past week and a half! The love everyone has shown our family is so amazing.

Early, early Monday morning we got pounded with 6 inches of wet, heavy snow, which so generously knocked out our electricity for 16 hours. Thankfully my parents live just around the corner from us and they took this whole motley crew home with them for the day.

Just the other day I got up and took a quick peek out my bedroom window and saw that my lilies, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths were poking their little green heads up through the ground. Now they are all covered in snow. And it is snowing again today. ARGGG! I am so ready for spring.

But, more importantly I have to get my back healed or I won't be able to enjoy planting season. I love to be able to kick off my shoes and walk through the freshly tilled soil. I love the feel of the dirt, the smell of the dirt, the miracle of green sprouts growing in my garden. I am trying to get my mind wrapped around the fact that I might miss out on the planting this season. I'm not sure all that bending over will be something I can do, especially with the planting of my cold crops (lettuce, spinach, radishes, cabbage, etc). I will probably have to sit on the side lines this year and let others help me out. HMMM- that's going to be a hard one for me.

And finally, a quick prayer request. I think having mom in bed is really taking its toll on my children. Attitudes have been less than cheerful and there seems to be a lot of bickering and unhappiness flying around. Please pray for my children, cuz I'm having a hard enough time keeping my sanity while stuck in this bed.


  1. knowing where you are coming from, i will be praying for each of you! it sure is hard, isn't it? i'm so sorry you're going through this.


  2. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.


  3. Thanks for following my blog! I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. I suffer from on going back issues as well and I'll be praying for you. It's heartwrenching to not be able to take care of the family like you want to, I know.

  4. Praying for you still! I heard about the snow over there! Nobody's happy about it and they're all ready for Spring! Even our HOT California days have been chilly with gray and gloomy clouds. Yuck. Spring, spring, where are you?

  5. So sorry you are still having it tough. Praying for you and your family now Jenn. I want you to be able to enjoy your garden too.

    A little snow here today and in the 40s.

  6. I'm praying for a miraculous recovery - for all your sakes :)

  7. Jenn, you've been on my mind so much lately, and I just want you to know that people are out there praying for you! And I will include your sweet kiddos in my prayers as well - I know it's gotta be tough on them too. Hang in there, sister.

    I'm sorry you might have to miss out on planting! When you were talking about kicking off your shoes and walking through the freshly tilled soil, it made me so homesick for my mom's huge garden.


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